Thursday 30 October 2008

IWP Quilt Group

Today's meeting was more like a craft club as we were making Christmas tree ornaments. Anneliese was our 'teacher'
Irene sorting out the templates....
Sally was trying to finish a whole forest in the one morning......

Blanca is new to sewing and desperately tries to sew accurately....
Arabela is showing her own crafty thing....It's a cover for the medical card for baby Alexia.. very cool! It's made from felt.

Anneliese looks on as Irene shows her first finished tree...
she will also make a whole forest!!!

Irene got two done ... aren't they sweet?. I didn't even finish one tree!
Sally showing off her table runner.She added triangles to the corners to make it rectangular
This is the advent calendar that Arabela was working on last week, it's finished.

Tomorrow is "All Day Sewing" in the Quilt Cave. 12 ladies have booked to come, so it should be lots of fun.

Wednesday 29 October 2008

Quilt Class

What a busy morning...
Ines has returned from her travels to Japan. She bought lots of lovely fabrics there and brought them in to show to the ladies, lots of "oooos & arrrrrs"
Amalia has been busy, three table runner tops now, two need to be quilted, one just needs the binding stitching by hand
Here Amalia is learning paper piecing, she almost cracked it when .....
oooops, paper piecing uses a very small stitch length and it is horrible... horrible to undo... but she managed to keep smiling....
Ana with her lovely paper pieced tree.... little pieces of thread decorate her sweater to prove she made it herself... he he he
Remember Amalia's scrap tin... it's overflowing already!
Rosario also learned paper piecing, she is adding a log cabin border to her tree to get the right size for a festive cushion.
Alda, another paper piecing tree in the making...
Alda had been busy sewing at home, she has finished her beginner project... The Rail Fence...
Lovely bags from yummy fabrics....
A baby bargello quilt top in the making...
Isn't this sweet.. a project in a cute tin, this is a Moda Jelly Roll treasure from Japan, I think..
Noemia is cutting 100 3 1/2" squares ready to start her Pineapple Blossom
Ines, never one to choose the easy quilts, is challanging herself with this project. 60 degree angles on triangles... not for the faint hearted.
Rosalia (Our Blue Lady) came to visit. This is Red work, she did a fabulous job on this project!
I was so surprised to see that she signed her work with her new name! ha ha ha
This backing is made from her husband's shirts, I wonder whether he has noticed???

Monday 27 October 2008

Sunday Sewday

Yesterday was the first "Sunday Sewday" in the Quilt Cave. Four of us spent a very pleasant day stitching, cutting, ironing, chatting and laughing.... Well, it was certainly better than cleaning, which we all agreed was our usual Sunday 'treat'.
Ursula used her BSR to quilt these fabulous holly leaves on her wreath
Irene got two side triangles sewn onto her 90 x 5" squares... it looked like bunting for a street fair!
It looks like Anabela is saying her Sunday prayers, but she is actually picking up a pile of pins that she knocked off the table.... tee hee

This is Ursula's wreath almost finished...

I made more Pineapple Blossom blocks... 4 more to finish.
I'll put yellow sashing between each block with red squares at each junction...

There will be another "Sunday Sewday" soon.. watch the Quilt Cave Calendar for dates.

Pineapple Blossom

I started my Ocean Waves quilt just before moving house this summer... It is still in a box!
I started to make a quilt with the fat quarter bundle that Paula gifted to me... it's not finished!
I love the combination of these yellows and the red, though the colours don't look so bright in this picture....
So, here I am... starting another project!!
This is not how I usually work at all. I usually make one quilt from beginning to end before starting another... could this be "The Dark Side" that I have been warned about??? he he he.

I am making the
Pineapple Blossom quilt from Quiltville
My Mum was visiting so she helped by drawing all the diagonal lines on the 120 x 3 1/2" blocks.

We got this far in only a few hours, many hands make light work???
All but one of the yellow fabrics were purchased in Sao Paulo, Brazil years ago but the red is a recent purchase from Arco Iris A Metro

Quilt Class

Anabela was quilting her paper pieced Christmas tree with gold thread.
Look at the applique presents she put at the bottom of her tree... I wish I had thought of that!
Suzette finished her first hand pieced Ohio Star block. I think she is very chic to come to class matching her work perfectly!

... and are we to believe than Ana didn't plan to have her finger nails, glasses and machine all match her christmas patchwork?? ha ha ha

This is a new lady, Alexandra I think. She is making a quilt from scraps of fabric and will add applique animals too.
Amalia is now ready to make a sandwich with her sofa throw ... here she looks on proudly.

This is the pieced back that Ann made for her lasagne quilt....

this is Ana with the lasagne quilt top.

Friday 24 October 2008

A Giant Sandwich...

Today Anneliese came over with Jutta to put her Bargello quilt in batting.

The backing is stuck down with tape and here they are smoothing out the batting/wadding.

Counting over and over trying to find the middle of the quilt.....
It was a long stretch to the middle but it beats doing it on the floor and ending up with with numb knees...

Pinning the border. All was finished in no time at all.... just a couple of hours!

Dad's Scrappy Bargello

In February this year (2008) I made this quilt for my Dad. I presented it to him for his 65th Birthday in September, he was thrilled with it.

This Scrappy Bargello design from is one of my favourite quilts, easy and stunning, don't you think?

Christmas Projects

I forgot to take pictures of the IWP group, there was so much going on and my camera just got forgotten.
Two French ladies came to visit us and it looks like they will be back to quilt with us very soon.

These are the finished trees that Anneliese made last week. Next Thursday we will all get the chance to make our own winter forest...

This cute elk pillow will be the project for the following week. Jutta made him and she will be our "teacher" that day. The Christmas Wreath is her own design inspired by the very complex one I made recently... Jutta's was far less complicated!

Thursday 23 October 2008

Quilt Class

Another successful quilt class at Arco Iris a Metro.
No new ladies today and everyone was very productive.
Ana amazed everyone with this finished quilt. If you look at the last quilt class post you will see the start of this quilt. It was finished by friday.
This is Ana starting a new project. This time she will make a baby quilt and she will use hand applique...

Rosario isn't very tall and was struggling to quilt her table runner.... so, I re-invented the sofa!... two stools side by side with a full bolt of fabric on top gave the perfect solution!

Here she is,,, it is a table runner and "Yes" she is tiny....

Last week I demonstrated "Y" seams, Anita must have watched very carefully because she came to class with perfectly done "Y" seams
She has lots of blocks completed now. Anita needs 20 for this sampler quilt.

Paula spent the morning hand quilting her Lasagne quilt.

Amalia was using Ana's Bernina. She is considering selling her left leg or a kidney to help raise money to buy her own! tee hee

Amalia putting the final pieces together for her sofa throw.

Noemia's Quilt.

The most fun... choosing fabrics!! There were so many new fabrics this week, there aren't enough shelves in the shop!!