Cushion Zip

It's super easy, I promise!
For the purpose of this zipped cushion back tutorial, I made an 18 inch finished cushion with very pinky-pinky-blaaaah fabric.
The method works for all sizes, just adjust the measurements accordingly. 
Email me if you need help with your mathemisms
Here we go...
Cut 2 pieces of fabric (they can be different fabrics)
Both pieces totalling the size of the finished cushion. 
I cut two (18½ " x  9½") 
Fabric for the flap (18½ " x  6") any width over 4" will work.

You will, of course, need a zip... it can be any size.
If it's not long enough, stitch pieces of fabric to each end.
If your zip is too long, jump for joy as it will be easier!!
Fold the flap fabric in half and press a good, crisp, level edge.

Lay the folded flap on one half of backing, raw edges aligned, right side down.
If your fabric has a directional design, plan for it.

Place the zip on top of the flap, right side down...
Make sure all of the edges are together

Pin well... don't use your bestest, finest pins though!

If you have a zipper foot, use it just because you have it.
If you don't own one... it doesn't matter... so long as the edges and zip are sewn together, the seam allowance isn't really important.
I just moved my needle over to the left with my applique foot.
Stitch. You can use a longer stitch, 2.8 or so.

This is to show you a few different seam allowances, achieved by using different machine feet. All would be just fine, if not perfect.

That's it really... the flap is now in place and just needs to be stitched to the other half of the cushion back...

Line up the edges of the fabrics...

Secure with your prefered method of pinning
Or those wonderful Clover Clips

Stitch... The seam allowance is still not really important so long as it is sewn straight.

Not the same seam allowances here... just to show that it doesn't matter
But they are both straight lines.

It's done. Needs pressing.

One zip (zipper) inserted... easy peasy, as promised!

Perfect! Now lay the cushion back on top of your cushion front, right sides together
Top Tip...
to undo your zip a little way BEFORE you stitch front and back together otherwise you won't be able to turn it through to the right side.
I always sew through the zip by turning my handwheel slowly rather than using the foot control to sew... if you try to sew through the zip teeth too quickly you might  (and probably will) damage or even break your machine needle.
If you use my tutorial could I please ask you to email me to give a little feedback or even to send a picture of your successful zip installation.

Was my tutorial easy to understand?...
I hope to hear from you soon....
Thank you
Angie x

1 comment:

Alan Teather said...

Cushion zips are like a black hole. I don't ever want to go there! Having said that I did understand your instructions clearly.

I might even get to have a go at one soon as my latest venture is into Log Cabin panels which, my wife says would make superb cushions.

Thank you for this tutorial. If I do make one I will be sure to photo it for you.

Alan Teather