Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Stitching News

A few photos were sent to me yesterday... most pictures snapped on mobile phones... It's good to see some people are getting a little time to stitch... If we learn anything from this experience, and let's face it, it is a new experience for most of us, it's that I take great photos with my perfect purple camera!!! ha ha ha
My Mum Gwynneth is very pleased to have finished the hand piecing on this Tula Pink Quilt Kit  top. She's been working on it, on and off, for a few years. Hand piecing is a great caravan project. Now mum will need to decide how to finish off those edges... she might not like my great idea, ha ha ha.

Rosie popped in to my shop recently to purchase one of my 'Eye Spy' packs of six inch squares and made up this lovely baby gifting play mat. It has now been gifted to the new baby girl, and she loves it. It's a fabulous and finished gift, Toot toot toot, and as for the fabulous and finished gifting quit... toot toot toot, ha!

New Sue sent evidence that she has started on her quilting. This quilt is a great design for a charm pack isn't it. Sue used a William Morris inspired Charm Pack from Moda. It could also be great for lots of different pieces of any size squares really... like scraps!! I love scraps.

And speaking of scraps... Our Pam finished this lovely strippy quilt-as-you-go and apartment joined quilt. We were all working on scrappy projects in readiness for the no longer up and coming Uttoxeter Quilt Show... until a couple of weeks ago when it was called off. It's a fabulous and finished quilt Pam, toot toot toot. We will use it for our inspirational, demonstration booth  in 2021 !
More soon...

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Pam's Stitching News

This is my new way of gathering blog content. 
Lovely customers can send me pictures of what they are working on and I ask whether I can blog about them for you... to keep the fabulous and inspiring customer service that I have always tried to  provide! 

You've seen this quilt a couple of times on my blog during it's production, even when our Pam was sandwich making. It's a baby gifting quilt for a very keen gardener Mummy... Lovely and bright, fabulous and finished... thank you for the photo Pam, toot toot toot

Inspired by my beautiful Turtle quilt, Pam went to the Jennifer Jangles website  and downloaded her very own copy of the pattern... This was before the restrictions closed my lovely shop so Pam was able to pop in to purchase her chosen fabrics. How very different this turtle quilt will look compared to mine.
 I can't wait to see it finished...
OK, I guess I really can...
I will have to, ha ha ha

Please note that I always ask permission before sharing other peoples photos.

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Turtles In Quilty Quarters

I'll have to blog more often, it's like writing to Dear Diary, ha.
The first 4 days have passed by very quickly so far, in my little safe-ish bubble at home. It's quite weird not going to my very own shop every day. So much time to please my very own self, in between helping the few with shopping and medical necessaries of course.
I've tried to keep to a sort of routine. 
It involves domestic and garden chores during mornings and for the afternoons, fun in my Quilty Quarters... adding a glass of wine to mark the evening shift, also spent in Quilty Quarters.
If you are home, I hope you have managed a good work / sewing imbalance too, ha ha ha.

I told you about our new baby boy arriving on Friday 13th, well... we were still away that day, on our sewing retreat. I had started making this quilt in the fabulous Garden Room with lots of lovely quilty ladies at our wonderful Alison House (seems ages ago now) 
At the time I didn't know what colour baby we were expecting so I figured turtles would be perfect, lots of green, neutral for either colour baby.
Now I'm locked up in my house, I've continued to work on baby's quit, I even sandwiched it on my floor. A few hours of free-motion quilting loopy-loops and straight-ish free-motion stitching round each turtle and all was done... just the hand stitching of the binding to do, it's only a small quilt so it won't take long. I'll be requesting my tooting fanfare soon.
Isn't it cute, so many googly eyes watching me sew!!
 Sea Turtle Friends pattern from here
I purchased my paper pattern from a shop in the UK a while ago... can't remember which one. There are lot's of patterns to download on this Jennifer Jangles website and lot's of little free projects to play with too.
See you later.... x

Hello Hello Hello...

Is there anybody out there??
I plugged in my perfectly purple camera, just to see whether I took any project pictures before the rules completely changed.
Happily I did, so I'll share them with you... I haven't cropped them too much so we get to see little bits of my shop as well. Not having been there for ages, since Monday in fact, I thought this would help me, if not you... ha!
Rose's beautiful Batik quilt. Fabulous and finished and extremely toot toot toot-a-bubble, don't you think? Rose made this as a wedding gift. The circular designs to reflect the wedding rings and marriage and all the hearts, obviously, to reflect the meaning and the reason for the wedding. There are little kisses (crosses) hand stitched for embelishment too. All beautifully finished with delicious Faux Piped Binding.

The is the back, all Rose's extra bits used up, as we do a lot in these here parts. The lovely quilt finished in good time for gifting... Except the wedding plans might well have been scuppered, or at least delayed a bit. I don't really know. Either way... Rose is ready for when we get back to our new normal. Toot toot toot Rose, a truly fabulous and finished gifting one day Quilt. toot toot toot, let me hear you!!!

Shirley is a new addict. She made a beginner cushion recently and found her very own self completely absorbed and infected, with the Quilting Virus not that other blooming one! Project number two now completed, the brilliant and very popular, Quick Table Topper. It's a fabulous and finished project, toot toot toot.

Kate was very much enjoying working on this black and white project...
I can see why, none of those junctions need to match up! Perfect...
I hope Our Naughty Norma sees this!! ha ha ha
It's like a beautifully built brick wall eh.

Longport Lynda is still trying to use up her left over red fabrics from making the huge red and grey quilt AND the large dog quilt... I think this is just about the last red project she'll make for a while. Well... it's the last one we will be seeing for a while. Toot toot toot, it's still a fabulous finish!
I do hope you are all well and finding time to sew while we are doing as we are told and staying home. xx

Sunday, 22 March 2020

My Lovely Shop

Closed until further notice from the government.
Once the dust settles in my world...
I'll get back to blogging... just for your entertainment.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

New Rules

Good Morning....
If you have booked any Saturday workshops, 
or any weekday classes, 
Please, please would you contact me,
before you come to check on the situation... 
Most workshops have had to be postponed.

Angie, Me, my shop telephone number...  

My shop is open and will stay open while it is allowed to be.
We can all keep our safe distance from each other to purchase supplies.
We could limit to one customer at a time...  if needs be.

I'm doing my level best to help you with your fabric and project choosing.
You all know that choosing for a new project is tricky, making those big decisions, especially with all the choice in my shop!! ha
If you could please try to choose your pattern/project and work out how much fabric you think you will need before you come to my shop, Most patterns give you guidelines on amounts... it will speed up the process and you will be out of my door as fast as possible.
I only have one brain for all those mathemisms and it's a bit fried at the moment... 
I love that you all want to stay safe and sew... we know it helps our sanity already....
I struggle to concentrate with lots of you waiting for my creative juices at the very same time... and if you 'tut' ..I hear you.
I am not a robot fabric calculator, he he he.

Who knows what we'll have to do? 

I know I don't!
Keep sewing and STAY SAFE xx

I will need to go on another retreat after all this! 
Now there's a great idea eh!

Friday, 20 March 2020

On A Happy Note...

Baby Anders was delivered safe and well on Friday 13th March
Nangie now has one of each colour, quite content with that!
Little Faye loves him
, of course... she's 2 next week.
My Lilly does bake them well!!! 
Quilts are planned.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Open For Business

My shop will keep opening daily. 
Normal hours, 9:30am to 4:30pm
If you are going to be home isolating for a few weeks...
Allow me help... 

Let me keep you stitching!!

I have more new fabric deliveries due in today... 

Two big boxes came on Monday!!
I received a big box of new quilting and bag making books too.

How's that for temptation? Wooops I meant inspiration!!!