Thursday, 16 September 2021

Stitching News

This pattern is called Metropolis and it's from a book by Elizabeth Hartman. Rose has thoroughly enjoyed making it. It's a 'finished just in time, thank goodness the wedding was postponed to give Rose more time', gifting quilt... what a lucky couple... I mean to be receiving the quilt, obviously not lucky to have their wedding Covid postponed!!! A very Modern design and look at the back...

I know right? WOWZERS!!
It's the same block as is used on the quilt top, but enormous! 
A fantastic, finished, double sided quilt Toot toot toot Rose

Princess Jackie's Log Cabin quilt top is growing fast. She had made 90 blocks before deciding what to do with them, finally deciding on the Barn Raising layout, which is showing up lovely with all those bright colours.

 2 amazing projects, 3 pictures... better than none eh!!

Monday, 13 September 2021

Sandwich Making

 In my shop I have always offered this service. It can be tricky to make your quilt sandwiches on the floor, and yes I know lots of us do it... getting up after all the pinning can be entertaining!!
This last Saturday we made two sandwiches...

Lady Lidl, Di made her Woodland sandwich. Carefully teasing out any slight hic-cups, which is quite normal really (plus an odd unstitched seam!) and pondering how she will quilt it as she pinned. The decision was made and Di almost skipped out of the shop with excitement.

Jean Bean's sandwich. This is going to be quilted with great excitement too. Beano chose all the thread colours to match the top fabrics as close as possible... she's going to match the bobbin thread too so the quilting will show up the same design on the black backing, exciting stuff!!

What is a Sandwich Day?
It's a day when I can push my tables together in the classroom so that you can pin (sandwich) the 3 layers of your quilt, no matter how large or small it is, without having to crawl around on the floor and without having to spoil your best dining table with pin and tape marks!
I try to keep time slots between 10am and 2pm but if we need more time, I book more time!
£10.00 per sandwich pus your wadding, booking is required.
You can also use the tables to lay out the blocks you've made to decide on settings, or to see how many more blocks you need or... even better... I can help you choose fabrics!

Sunday, 12 September 2021

Stitching News

It's been quite a busy week in my classroom. Most kiddos are back at school so the ladies are free of duties and have booked their very own selves in for a bit of social stitching, like a Spa day but you keep your clothes on!

Shirley had all of her blocks finished so she started the process of joining them. Each block will have a thin orange border treatment before the sashing is added... there will be dinosaur bones! 

Jan is making traditional blocks for a table runner. There are newer and easier ways to make some of the units and  Jan's enjoying learning them, she said that, I'm not just guessing, Ha!

Fiona Too made this project at home, even the sandwich. She started the quilting in class and decided on her very own design. There are lots of ends to tie off, not her favourite job, but needs must.

Sister Susie showed us her William Morris Charm Pack quilt top. It's so lovely and bright. I didn't see any more sewing on this top so I presume it went back into the bag... for a little bit longer, he he he

Gail chose to use one of the lovely Makower animal panels for her latest baby gifting project, you can just about see the monkey fabric used for the backing, very cute! Gail started the quilting by following the printed design, perfect for a panel really.

Krafty Karen had already purchased one of my Jungle-y Six Packs, pre-lockdown! It's been waiting for a good reason to be made into a quilt. Now it's time and, after a brainstorming session, she got on with it... We all love the sashing fabric!

Princess Jackie had said that she was struggling to make her blocks... Log Cabin blocks are not really tricky but Jackie is more used to applique... absolutely stunning applique!!! This week she came to class with 90 complete blocks, something must have clicked! The joining has commenced...

Dora finished her 3D Teddy Quilt and said that she had enjoyed hand stitching the binding. This lovely little cutie will be gifted very soon, there's a new baby coming in the near future. Can we toot a fanfare for an almost finished quilt? Of course we can because I know it is now finished.
And as if by magic... here is the finished 3D Teddy Quilt.
Toot toot toot for your fabulous and finished, and rather splendid gifting quilt Dora.

This quilt is another of Dora's. Two babies on their way were announced at the very same time so Dora had to get a shift on. Toot toot toot for a rather fabulous gifting quilt. You can't beat a rainbow for a new baby when you don't know what colour it's going to be. Or a yellow Teddy Quilt that is, ha!

Thursday, 9 September 2021

Stitching News

 Wooops, long time no see, Where do the days go?

Let's start with Toot toot toot fanfare for Norma's fabulous and finished gifting quilt. She machine stitched the binding and managed to get it all hand stitched down before the end of class. She's very pleased with this quilt and she will be gifting it this week to a very special friend.

Norma had an hour or so left so she continued with the 16-Patch units that will make up the centre of her scrappy blocks. This will be an ongoing project for a while. It's good to have a 'No Rush' scrappy project to turn to.

Carol almost finished the first of her Cubes. The pattern is from ByAnnie, Room With A View such a cool idea and very "Want-a-bubble" Carol plans to make a set of all three cubes.

Sheila has been keeping an eye on carol so has now started her Rooms With A View cubes. There are, as usual, lots of bits to be prepared before assembly.

Not a toot toot but a huge Whooop Whooop now, Our Beano actually got her quilt top completed!! The back has been prepared too and the sandwich making session is booked for this coming Saturday, amazingly productive lady... for a change!

This quilt, inspired by a Cross Stitch pattern, was made by a customer who came to my shop almost skipping with excitement to show it to us all. She has hand pieced it and then embellished it using her sewing machine. Look closely! It's made up of 1" cut squares!!! stitched together by hand sewing needle and thread. They are all half inch finished and this is not her first quilt made this way... Toot toot toot for a fabulous and finished, tiny piecing cutie

More later... hopefully not too much later....

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Coiled Fabric Pots

I spent a lot of time in my shop during the restrictions. After each shopping appointment I had to clean and tidy things away ready for the following appointment... To be honest, it was a bit of a chore, but it was the only way to keep my business open.
There wasn't really enough time in between customers to sew whilst I waited, so I started to wrap another coil rope. Each package contains 30 metres so it kept me occupied.
At the Sunday Funday Sewday last week I started to sew the covered coil and I continued working on it last week until it was a glorious bowl. 

I took this photo and posted it on social media, as you do these days.
Well, lots of folk have commented and messaged me with questions, so I thought I would try to help.

I wrap my pot cording with strips of fabric. Most of which are just the trimmings from levelling up larger pieces ready to cut more precise strips. Or the crusts trimmed off after quilting my sandwiches.
The strips work better if they are under 1" wide and over half inch wide and they don't need to be level.
I put a dab of water soluble glue on the end of each strip to hold it to the next strip. Be careful your glue isn't the kind that dries hard!
I do take my time to get a good tight wrap. This extra care makes the pot or bowl really sturdy.
The following pictures were taken when I stitched my first coiled pot, made in 2009.

Then you make your base coil, it's a bit tricky as you also want this to be quite tight as it will form the bottom of your bowl. 
I use a 90 Jeans needle or a 90 Top Stitch needle.
Any foot that will accommodate a Zig-Zag stitch. 
You can use a beautiful thread, in the top picture I used 30 weight variegated, until it ran out! Then I just continued using up bits of bobbins and last threads on spools.
Remember that the thread in your bobbin will be on the outside of your pot!

First you need to stitch a star going straight across the spiral to hold it together, like dividing a cake/pizza. I divide into 4 then 8 slices... I think you can just about see that.
Set your machine to do a close and wide stitch.  These days I use 5 width and 1.2 length but you can see in this rather old picture that I didn't used to do such neat stitching. Do what works for you.

Then you continue Zig-Zagging... sew slow and steady making sure your zig-zag hits the coil as well as your fabric.
You can make flat things, they are very useful too.

Once your base is a size you like, you just slip your fingers under the edge of the coiled bottom. Obviously I mean under the left side edge!! not the needle action side, ha ha ha
This starts the bowl tilting, ever so clever!!

 After 4 hours. No need to sew fast, this is therapeutic FUN!!

I didn't have a plan with this first one, I just wanted to see whether I could do it. 
30 metres of pot cording makes a fabulous fabric bucket/pot.

This is a link to a useful video.

I hope this helps you make Coiled Fabric pots, bowls or buckets. Let me know if you have a question, I can only try to help.
I made this one too....
Egg Shaped base with handles.

Sunday, 29 August 2021

Stitching News

Princess Jackie finished her cute-etty-cute duckling quilt. It will be gifted to a cricketing friend. If you zoom in you will spot the little cricket themed embelishment
See? I've zoomed in a bit much really and it's gone a bit blurry, but you get the idea. Jackie is very thoughtful with her gift quilt making. Each is usually tailored to it's recipient.

This is the back, fun as usual!
Toot toot toot Jackie, it's another totally toot-able and fabulous finished quilt and I even see a label!!

Shirley also brought in her fabulous and finished quilt. This is her first big one. She had only made a cushion and a table runner then, just before the first lockdown was announced, Shirley purchased a book and some fabric and off she went. Isn't it fabulous!

She came to buy backing fabric but we couldn't find a bolt with enough of the same fabric so, I suggested Shirley make a pieced backing, I do that a lot! And how absolutely fabulous it turned out. I'm so please... and it's not even my work, ha ha ha. Toot toot toot Shirley, fabulous, double sided and finished. I love it!

All Day Di (Lady Lidl) had to make a few little adjustments to her woodland quilt top that she thought she had finished at Checkley Sunday Sewday. Somehow, it had gone a bit wonky and the borders were making that stand out. Remedial work can be infuriating or it can be a good lesson. Di took it all as a lesson, thank goodness! It's all straight enough now with the last border is stitched on, except for that little bit at the bottom... the bobbin had run out right at the end of class, tisk.

Cheryl Cheryl had a busy week finishing all of her random Zig-Zag quilting and arrived for class with all 4 parts ready to be joined up. This was achieved and she went home with it trimmed up and the binding ready to be stitched together and sewn on. She's chuffed with the quilt, I confess to having added this to my "To Do" list!

Susan was working on the curved piecing blocks for this at Checkley Sunday Sewday... it's all stitched together now and looks great with the border strip sewn on. Susan hasn't quite decided whether to make the rest of the flowers for the huge, and rather spectacular, quilt or whether to make a lap throw or cushion. Of course I threw down the gauntlet, I know she can do it, Ha!

Beano worked on this project during the recent quilting retreat. We had to do a little remedial un-stitching and re-sewing... I think it was a bit tricky to have fun chatter with successful mathemisms, but we've got it all sorted now. Beano's quilting design decision is keeping her enthused.

There have been quite a few quilt tops made during the various Lockdown months. I've been selling quite a lot of wadding, that's how I know, I'm like Secret Squirrel with my detective skills aren't I.
Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 blend on a big roll is just over 27 metres long and 3 metres wide (120") and I'm on my third roll since the shop was allowed to open normally. 
Now the finished quilts are starting to show up, how fabulous is that!!! The best news is that folk are saying they have used up all of their stash... so they will be needing to re-stock on beautiful fabrics, I highly recommend they start in my very own shop, it would be rude not to eh?

Thursday, 26 August 2021

Bank Holiday Weekend...

I don't know about you but I am sooooo ready for this long weekend. I've been working really hard on a huge project over the last few months (more than a year!) One day I will show you but at this point, I can't. I might even do a big reveal, that will be fun... if it ever ends that is.

Bank Holiday Weekend. But what about my wonderful and very well stocked up shop?
I will be open on Saturday from 10am until 2pm, as normal
Closed on Sunday, as normal.
Closed on Bank Holiday Monday the 30th, whoop whoop whoop
Tuesday 31st my shop will be closed, no classes either.

BUT... You know I like to offer great customer service don't you?

If you would like to make a shopping appointment while I'm officially closed, I am more than happy to organise that. I know some folk like to visit my shop on the way to and from other destinations and it would be a shame to miss you, and such a disappointment for you to find my shop closed.
You would need to email to book the appointment
WhatsApp or call me  07807530441 at shorter notice, if I am able I will be there.

I do hope you have planned some sewing time. I know I have... but you know how plans often go!

Stitching News

 Oh my goodness, I'm falling behind with my blog posts, Ha! I've simply gotten out of the habit and my time is used up elsewhere these days, not on the computer. The pictures might not be in the right order, but at least they are here. 

Carol intends to make all the sizes of the Room With A View pattern. She's using a most scrumptious selection of Batik fabrics for them. She makes it all look so easy!

Sheila finished her baby memory quilt. These clothes were so tiny, 0 - 3month old clothes don't give a lot of fabric to play with. Sheila has left on the little poppers so the sewing was tricky.
This is the back. The panel was just the right size and makes a rather splendid double sided play mat. Toot toot toot Sheila, fabulous and finished and I know you are please with it. I do love the striped binding.

Lorna purchased this pattern online without realising it was using the Foundation Paper Pieced method. Not a problem really, I can help with that, and I did! Lorna is almost an expert already!

The Tuesday ladies went on a lovely sewing retreat last week and a few pictures have come to me. This is Beano's progress, it's looking really good isn't it. Not as easy as it looks.

Christabelle went on the retreat too. She took her new book, purchased from my very good self, and a determined mind. It's been a good challenge but look how fabulous the block is.

More news will follow...