Sunday 28 February 2016

2 And 9, Twenty Nine, updated

Would you like to know how many ways I found to use the leaping of the year 29th... 2 and 9?
29% off some fabrics, thread and wadding
2.9% off some fabrics and wadding
29p off some button packs and some threads and things
£2.9 off some things and threads...
2 x 9% off some things... totalling an 18% discount
I hope we can cope with the mathemisms tomorrow
If you come to my shop on the 29th and play the 2 and 9 shopping game and IF you happen to spend more that £50 you could win a Goldfish in a paper bag!!!
Not a real one of course, we ate the real ones... with chips!!!
See you tomorrow... back to normal on Tuesday the first of March... it's a one day event... you have to be in it, to save it... it is My Quilt Shop!!!!!

Oh my aching feet!!!
Thank you for all your support
What a fun day!!!!
Thank goodness we have 4 years to recover before we have to do it again..... ha ha ha

Stitching News

Toot toot toot.... a fabulous and finished fanfare is needed for Morning Josie's most beautiful cushion... made with my lovely Moda Linen Blend as the main fabric... luxurious it is too. Josie hand embroidered the heather detail....
she likes a bit of hand stitching. 
While the tooting is going on let's have another round for Susan. Toot toot toot... this cot size project (baby quilt) has been made for gifting... Susan wanted it to be sex neutral as the baby colour will be a surprize... boy or girl...
this lovely project will be perfect!
Peggy made a quick sandwich... it's a little quilt and only needed the one table for a short time... she set about quilting and got loads done before home time... Peggy's making twin quilts, the other is still a top... we can sandwich that one next week.
All Day Di finally arrived at the book making part... stitching the pages together, in the right order... it was tricky as there are lots of layers to stitch through... including the Bosal In R Form wadding... she had to improvise a bit... and it worked!
I had a job to keep up with Brenda Barbara... every time I went to her she was stitching something different... Here she's hand stitching the binding on her perfectly pink and purple quilt... one time she was cutting Chicken fabric to size for another project and then there was the background preparation for the Flamingo... who had forgotten to come to class!!! ha ha ha
Merrily's been working out of the box again... I'm not actually sure she spends any time at all inside the box!! These Harris Tweeds have been collected, cut up, stitched back together to be cut up again and stitched into something very useful... you will have to trust me, it's going to be great!
Sheila's Batik Quilt-As-You-Go blocks are all joined into larger units with the apartment joining method... she stayed in the corner hand stitching for most of the day... it won't be long to tooting time now... 
A new customer came to ask a few questions about her project... which is amazing!!
Hours and hours of Hexagon hand stitching... so many cute little fabrics, old and new... We are always happy to help... and to interfere!!! ha ha ha
That's it for todays update... hope you enjoyed this post?
I'm off to my lovely little quilt shop now...
There's a little event on tomorrow and it involves the number 29 in lots of ways... as it will be the 29th February... one day only!!... thank goodness it's four years until the next one!

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Stitching News With Tooting

This is a very deep and meaningful project made by Christabelle. It's a gifting quilt for a football fan, Stoke City I believe... The colours have been selected to represent all of those used in the home and away team football strips over many, if not all, of the years. What a great idea!! Toot toot toot Christabelle, another fabulous finish

New Sue almost finished this commissioned project.
What a fantastic quilt for a little one... the About A Boy fabrics are cuter than cute!
The binding needs to be stitched but that's a job Sue saves for TV evenings. We won't see this quilt again so, we are going to be toot-tooting for a fabulous almost finish

Jean Bean finished her baby gifting quilt
It's for Bertie Bobbles Bon Bon!!!!
Toot toot toot, toot toot-etty-toot toot
Jeans very own, original design... and fabulous it is too!

Jen popped in to show us her fabulous and finished cushion.
Bright and modern Art Gallery fabrics bordered by dramatic pink
Jen came to the last beginner cushion workshop...

She was very impressed with the way I teach to put zips into the backs!!
As I predicted, Jen will be back to make a quilt very soon...
It's addictive this stitchery!!!
Toot toot toot Jen, for your fabulous and finished cushion.

Another of Christabelle's original works, fabulous and finished ready for a toot toot fanfare... A fantastic shopping tote with elephant applique detail... made in luxurious Art Gallery fabric with a little mini Ric-Rac trim... we Love it!

Woop-woop another Christabelle finish. Monty is a dog and he now has a fabulous and finished, double sided, little, quilt to sit on. I'm beginning to think we should all make friends with Christabelle, she makes such fabulous gifts!!!

AnnBacan has finished her commissioned Grey and Pink quilt top... that was the brief, grey with pink... it left size and design quite open for Ann's imagination... didn't we do well? It's all ready to be sandwiched now... when Ann had a moment spare.

No prizes for guessing what Just Edna spent her day doing...
not after her quilt sandwich making marathon on Saturday giving us an inkling.
Straight lines were the order of the day.... lots and lots of them!

Barbara BEW finished her lovely Batik blocks and started to add sashing strips... we interfered a bit and suggested that little feature corner stones would look great so, that's the plan now... a little extra work but it will be well worth it!

and, if you can keep up... this is Christabelle again.... her Stargazy Daisiez quilt... started at the workshop recently... it's a huge quilt so Chris is working on it in between all those gifting projects for her very own friends and family!!!
There you go... I really have made an effort and have been taking photographs for you.
It's a very busy time for me in the shop at the moment...
You will need to have read all the way down to here to know that...
On Monday 29th, that's our extra day for the Leap Year...
we are having a little open day event.
There'll be bargains available...
Just for the one day, this one extra day we have this year.
Don't tell anyone else... it's an event only available for those who come to the shop on Monday 29th... keep it to yourself... that way you will be able to keep the special offers all for your very own self!!!

Monday 22 February 2016

Sandwich Saturday

Just Edna's Gypsy Wife, picture taken from the top looking down... of course... some would say it's 'up-side-down'! It doesn't truly-really matter though... I'm thinking it is a wonderful quilt from every direction, so colourful and gor-g-eoussss!

While Just Edna had the tables all for her very own self she decided to sandwich this lovely Stack-n- Whack Kaleidoscope quilt top, French General fabrics from Moda
It's only been waiting for a few years!!

PM Pam came to spread out her latest project so that she could choose border fabrics... she wanted bright and sunny, so yellow was a must for the main border... we tied it all together with that little, half inch finished, inner border of strong Batik green.
Isn't Bargello a wonderful design!!!

Friday 19 February 2016

Green Tea And Sweet Beans, By Sue

Isn't this quilt just wonderful!!!
The pattern is beautiful, agreed?
Sue's version is amazing, yes?
Well I think it is absolutely fab-u-lous and, as it is now finished... we shall form a long line and blow out a trumpetoscious fanfarioious fanfare... toot toot toot-etty toot toot toot
Sue's quilts are amazing... The attention to detail, the carefully chosen fabrics etc... lovely
Here are a few closer pictures so that you can see the detail...

 and the quilting!!! Look at the back!!

The pattern Sue used is another from the wonderful Jen Kingwell, Green Tea and Sweet Beans the link is here though I do have it in stock in my wonderful Quilt shop...

You must all have gathered by now that New Sue is rather prolific in the quilt making department... She finished this one too...
Toot toot toot New Sue, another beauty!
This quilt has been made with lots of love... for gifting.
and the back...
 to show you the lovely overlapping heart shapes Sue stitched for the quilting
I never want you to feel that speed is necessary, quilts can also take years and years to make, so long as you love what you are making, time is of no importance!... well unless you have no time then it can feel pretty darned important!! ha ha ha
But there is one thing... the quicker you stitch the more fabric you will need... the more fabric I will sell so... the more new fabric I will order for you to choose from... and the more I might grumble at lack of space and the more times I will have to fill those Temptation Trolleys!! I will tell you about those some time on Sunday!!

Sue is in a stitching groove at the moment She has this quilt top on the go too!!
The About A Boy collection... we love it!

Sunday 14 February 2016

Stitching News

PM Pam is making good progress with her Hexagon quilt.
Big Stitch quilting with Presencia Perle cotton number 8...
It's my favourite way to hand quilt... Pam's getting used to it too!

New Sue is racing on with her lovely gifting quilt.
This is the day Sue made a sandwich but she's already done more than half of the quilting... Another week has actually passed since this picture was taken, so... I bet we will be needing our fanfare trumpets very soon.

Our Jean Bean sandwiched last week too.... and she has been stitching, we all saw it!!! I happen to know that this fabulous gifting project is all quilted and has had the binding stitched on... just a few hand stitched inches to go.

Here we were helping New Sue decide on the quilting designs for the borders on this Jen Kingwell Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt... we helped a lot ... we think!!!
Binding has been chosen too.

Just Jan was adding the sashing strips with corner stones to her diagonally set rows. Can you just make out the red flange detail on the block centres? Sometimes tiny can pack a punch!! it does here.

Just Edna's Gypsy Wife sections are almost done.
She spent the day stripping!! very soon there will be enough sections completed
 and the quilt will come to life!! Very exciting.

Monday Sheila decided to 'have a go at doing it properly'. She does this from time to time!!! ha ha ha... in between making thousands of items for her Charity sale tables... Sheila chose fabulous colours and fabrics for this table topper... don't you agree?

Brenda Barbara spied opportunity to make her quilt sandwich and, licketty-split, it was done. She was able to start quilting on the very same day... so she did!

Margaret is ready for us to raise our polished trumpets... Toot toot toot fanfares are needed for this fabulous and finished quilt... Dinosaurs and beautiful Batik.. a perfect pairing. Margaret's grandson was ever so happy with his new quilt.

Beginners continue to come along to my very own shop to have a dabble... usually with the idea of joining the wonderful quilting world. 

Each person chooses such different fabric... we love watching them... from the fabric and thread selecting process right the way along to them making finished beginner projects... which at the moment, are cushions... with zips, very easily installed in the backing.

Friday 12 February 2016

Sue's Bendy Bag

It's been a short while since anyone made a Bendy Bag in my very own shop...
Last week Sporty Sue gave in to temptation and purchased a pattern and some new Fat Quarters... all for her very own self.  A beautiful Blue Bendy Bag made at home... Toot toot tooting for a Fabulous And Finished project!

Sunday 7 February 2016

Stitching News, With Tooting

Tooting time... toot toot toot...
A fabulous and finished sofa throw/ lap size quilt,
made in beautiful, bright and luxurious Batik fabrics...
All this made by the ever so lovely, Steph, 
This is the back of Stephs toot-able Batik beauty...
You've probably guessed already... this lady loves the Batik fabrics... the way they cut, the way they sew, the way they feel... the amazing colours... and remember... I've mentioned before... they smell wonderful when being prrrressed!

Brenda Barbara was quite engrossed in her piecing...
she was very industrious all morning... adding all the sashing with those lovely little corner stones. Then she popped up the step to get the borders chosen and sorted out... it's almost a finished quilt top!!

Fiona Too is making a gifting project... I think I'm right in telling you that it will be a cushion. Fiona searched for a design but, in the end, she drew it all by her very own self... It's the sticky stuff and stitching method of applique, we love this method!

Now then, we have our beginners make this cushion...
It involves a bit of everything giving a great introduction to Patchwork and Quilting... but everyone loves making them... this particular one belongs to Steph, Art Gallery fabric this time... more fabric luxury!!!

And these cushions are the exactly same method, except we scaled up the squares because Sister Susie wanted much larger cushions... I think they will be 24" when they are finished... it's actually very easy to make this cushion any size you like, and we help with the mathemisms!

Carol's been busy stitching at home... all the leaves have been quilted so there was just a little straight line ditch-hopping to finish before trimming off those crusts ready for binding. Carol used two Charm Packs to make this lap size quilt.