Monday 29 July 2019

Stitching News

It's finished!!! Longport Lynda has done a fabulous job with this apartment joined quilt. It's so large I really couldn't get all of it in one picture (though that might be because of all the stock in the shop!!) 

Here's a different angle so you can see the other side... as it is chopped off in the first picture. Each block made then sandwiched and individually quilted before being joined with sashing strips. 

The back.... randomly placed and joined with strips of all the left over fabrics from the piecing of the main, front blocks. Toot toot toot Longport Lynda a fabulous and finished masterpiece!

Monday Sheila wanted to make another gifting quilt. This will be a pram quilt and is one of two that are needed, the next being a bed quilt, floor play mat size. Aren't Log Cabin Blocks fabulous!!!

Rose has just finished a large quilt so she's having a little rest while making useful little doodads. This first one will be used as a bread basket, Rose made it from one of the Debbie Shaw books. It's fabulous and finished too, toot toot toot

Made with a remnant of Scottish Tweed that Rose purchased on a recent trip 'up there'. A spectacle case... very smart it is too. Also fabulous and finished Toot toot toot

Sporty Sue purchased this kit and pattern from the Sewing Quarter. Not the greatest quality of fabrics but the pattern is cute... and Sue loves it so that's all that matters. Balloons made with Foundation Paper Piecing

This is a toot toot toot opportunity for Princess Jackie's Quilt... It's a phone photo so not a brilliant quality picture... The quilt is most definitely brilliant quality though, as we expect from Jackie... perfectly appliqued and with lovely quilting. A fabulous finish, toot toot toot.

I have organised Sock Knitting Workshops.
Whatever next?? Angie Nuttie is an expert Sock Knitter!
The first workshop will be on Saturday 24th August and will include an optional Sock Knitting Kit which will consist of Kaffe Fassett Sock Yarn and 4 High Quality, Knit Pro Pins.
I'm excited already! Aren't you?

Monday 22 July 2019

Stitching News

All Day Di finished her Unicorn pillow. When she first started to cut out all the bits of fabric and label them up, she convinced her very own self that it would be way too difficult for her to make a Unicorn... but she persevered and realised that it is quite easy to piece the Elizabeth Hartman patterns. You just have to do exactly as the pattern says and it works. Just like that!!

Applique is Di's favourite stitchy thing to do, so... Eleni got her name stitched to the back of her cushion... above the covered zip! This Unicorn was always being made to be gifting... A fabulous and finished Unicorn Pillow, Well done Di, toot toot toot

People are funny... Pam was asked to make a baby quilt for a relative to gift next week... Next Week??? Have they no idea how many hours it takes to make these works of art?? or do they just realise that Pam is always going to rise to the challenge. Sandwich done already!

Farmer Lynda  continues with her quilting. This too is being made as a gifting quilt, not for a baby though, this lap sized quilt, is being made for a lady who loves horses. We are a generous lot aren't we.... well Lynda is... I like to keep my works of art, ha!

Sister Susie and Fiona Too have continued to practice their Free-Motion quilting skills. The words are popping really well with the dense quilting. Not all of the words will have heavy quilting... each one, in theory, will be a different design.

Apartment joined, massive quilt is almost finished. Three miles of binding left to go. It is huge and Lynda has enough blocks left over to make another quilt but not quite as large... Get your trumpets ready... I bet it will be finished this week. Wait till you see the back!

Thursday 18 July 2019

Event News...

A "just in time" reminder....
Sunday Funday Sewday 

28th July. 9:30am - 4:30pm. 
Checkley Community Centre
Have you booked your place??
I'll be confirming catering numbers on Monday 22nd

Sunday 14 July 2019

Stitching News

Just Edna is making great progress with her commission quilt. Several rows are complete and the secondary pattern that these blocks create is really popping out. Funny how we get illusion of curves from long straight lines!! Tri-Recs Rulers are fabulous!

Annbacan was going to use up the black and white fabrics to make a charitable gifting quilt. They were already cut into 5" squares when they were given to her. She needed a background colour to contrast with them... I chose burnt orange... Annbacan wondered why!! Now she loves the orange in the project, so she will be keeping it!

Christabelle embarked on the making of a ByAnnie's Diaper Bag... ByAnnie projects are a bit of a journey! She is using this wonderful soft canvas from Art Gallery... It's extra wide so Chris was able to fussy cut all the bits... she had to concentrate and use her noggin!! Teamed up with Alison Glass rich and buttery yellow fabric for the contrast... gives me excited goosebumps!!

What a fabulous gifting idea!!
Jean Bean decided to gift a kit to a special young lady...
A book with all the things to make one of the projects in it.
Beano hopes to infect another youngster with the quilting virus!!

Inspired by all the Hounds that our Beano has been making over the recent weeks, New Sue decided she needed a dog pound of her very own... not a weighty pound... a housey pound! There's another baby being baked and he will need a quilt.

Princess Jackie has quilted all of her applique shapes and done lots of In-The-Ditch stitching (it's like Ditch Hopping only more accurate!) but there were still a few open spaces to address. Jean Bean designed a lovely butterfly and a few music notes that would suit the job perfectly, Jackie just has to stitch them now. 

Ta-Daaaaah... What a fabulous quilt.... An Ombre of Swans!! Can you see the Ombre... light blues at the top gradually getting darker blues near the bottom... Very arty-farty, and the regal black fellow going the opposite way... The pattern is another from Elizabeth Hartman and Rose added her Wing-It flare, especially with the quilting...

We found this perfect Art Gallery Swan motif fabric for the backing which ties it all together brilliantly... Toot toot toot Rose, it's a spectacularly Fabulous and finished project with two-tone binding to boot.

Tuesday 9 July 2019

Stitching News

Linda came back to my lovely, and very well stocked shop, to choose more fabrics as she's decided to add borders to this little project, started at the Quilt-As-You-Go workshop recently. It's going to be a gifting quilt for a soon to arrive little bundle... What a great gift!

Brenda Barbara finished all of her cushion tops and has them all sandwiched.
Quilting has commenced already and each cushion will have
Brenda's signature border stitching design!

Judy has also been making cushions...
Can you believe that she puts all this effort in, including the designing of the foundation paper-pieced mini blocks, to make cushions for her dog!!
It's a doggie pillow!!!

See what I mean... such beautiful designs... granted, they are made with scraps and leftovers from other magnificent projects but all the time and effort??? She must love that dog a lot! On the other hand... what a great way to practice you piecing skills!!!

PM Pam has been having a 'Good sort out'... I'm sure we all do that from time to time. She came across a box she thought was stuffed full of fabrics but on further investigation she found all of these Log Cabin blocks, already sewn into numbered strips... So close to being a completed quilt top and placed in a lovely container and completely forgotten about... Pam has no recollection AT ALL of even making the Log Cabin blocks!! 

Monday 8 July 2019

Kate Tunic Number 14

You know I love a Kate Tunic. If you have been to my very own shop you would have, most probably, noticed that as I practically live in them, they make excellent workwear. I still have to follow the instructions in the little booklet and every Kate turns out a little different... without me even trying!
This time I made a version without the middle front gathers... I got brave and I decided to do a FBA (Full Bust Adjustment). I also added larger, pleated pockets, not to match the boobage though, ha!
My new Tailors Dummy wouldn't alter the Boobage bit without making everything else too big, so I put a good fitting bra on her and stuffed it with wadding hope the window cleaner doesn't come when she's Kate naked!! 
It turned out OK... Art Gallery Knit fabrics feel so wonderful and luxurious and they're very easy to sew clothing with.
These darts are a bit low really, at least I hope they are and it's not my boobs that are too high!!! ha ha ha I'll make another version soon, see if I can get them in the right place. That will be Kate Tunic number 15 though!
Dress making is soooo different to quilt making!!!

Stitching News

Nuttie sent this photo. The quilt was to be gifted so there wasn't time to bring it to my very own shop for a perfect purple camera photo shoot... no matter, at least we get to raise our trumpets to give a toot toot toot fanfare for the fabulous and finished, feathery friend artwork... Well done Nuttie, I love it and thank you for taking the time to send the picture.

Keep those trumpets up please! Here's another opportunity ....
 PM Pam finished yet another fabulous gifting to charity quilt, Toot toot toot Pam. Scrumptious Moda Lawn prints make it feel super soft and cuddly too.

This isn't quite finished as there's still a bit of hand stitching to be done on the binding. Yyyyyes it is a Festive make... It's all go on the festive makes at the moment, Christmas Corner in my very own shop has been a bit busy! Well done Linda, a lovely gifting project made with your Bargello quilt surplus fabrics. 

Sunday 7 July 2019

Beginner Workshop

Another fabulous and fun, very successful workshop... 
Good basic Patchwork and Quilting  skills learned and a cushion to take hope... with a zip!! All three ladies have been well infected and have plans to make quilts next, Boom, mission accomplished!!
The next Beginner Cushion Workshop will be on Saturday August 3rd.

Thursday 4 July 2019

Stitching News

Jean Bean had a count up and only needs to make two more hounds to have enough for a large square quilt. Each hound will be getting it's special little character detail added, don't you love the eye patch? Jean's also in the process of naming all 9 pooches. There's going to be a Molly!!!

PM Pam's commissioned quilt is coming along very nicely, it's a top already and it turned out to be larger than I thought we planned... but the customer is always right... I wonder whether Pam will name all of those Teddies?

Princess Jackie made another extremely cute little sundress... she's enjoying doing a bit of  dressmaking and has plans for more wearable makes. Toot toot toot Jackie, another fabulous and finished little project.

This quilt top is also Princess Jackie's.... she says it's just a quick quilt and more muted than she usually makes? I'm not so sure... it's very colourful and just as beautiful as any other. By the end of the day the borders were on and a sandwich was made.
Our trip to the Festival Of Quilts will be on Sunday 4th August. It's coming up very quickly.There's a different company selling the tickets this year so it's a bit more tricky for me to guarantee last minute tickets.
You will need to book and pay for your places on the coach as soon as possible if you want your entrance ticket to be included for £25.00. 
Once I confirm ticket numbers and order them, there will be Coach Only places left @ £15.00. You will have to purchase tickets on the day when we arrive at the show, I think they will be £17.00

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Stitching News

Lou Lou added little kisses for the eyes of her beautiful Batik Fish, by hand!!! Embroidery Lou Lou!!! who would have thought? A sandwich was made, quilting commenced and binding was made. She had a very busy day indeedy.

Just Edna has been commissioned to make a double bed sized quilt. She'll need 25 of these blocks. After making a few changes to the pattern and to the piecing method and then the finding of Edna's wonderful, super thin and sharp pins... which helped Edna find those lost quarter-inchy pointy bits... she's now on the right road to success.

Edna also needs a celebratory fanfare for this Fabulous and Finished gifting quilt... it's a bed runner for a soon to be married couple... Toot toot toot Edna...
(Dear Edna, I won't tell anyone about you having to unpick the binding and the unpicking of a number to change the date to the day it will really happen, your secret is safe with me!)

Carol had a great idea... she made a quilt top, you saw it... the one with a magical tree full of owls and other things from nature... but, after sandwiching the quilt, Carol couldn't quite decide what design she wanted to used to actually quilt it... so she made this cushion in a similar design so that she could practice... That is a brilliant idea! Not only is this a fabulous and finished, totally toot toot toot-a-bubble quilted cushion, that big quilting decision has been made too!

This is the back of Carol's fabulous and finished cushion.
Toot toot toot Carol.

Monday 1 July 2019

Stitching News

Di Butterfly finished her Snakes and Ladders game quilt top. She saw the idea in a magazine but  the links to download the applique designs didn't work so we had to improvise and draw the snakes and the ladders... which shouldn't be a problem but neither of us can draw well, We nailed it!

Merrily made a fabulous quilt backing for this fish pond quilt and was able, as you can see, to make a Koi Carp sandwich, no lettuce needed!! ha ha 

Luna Twearly has been busy in class and at home.... I think she's got her very own self a little bit addicted, she says making blocks and learning stuff is all consuming! She's making random blocks, with no real plan. Gotta love a challenge.

All Day Di has also challenged her very own self... unlike Luna, she is not enjoying it and will never make another of these Elizabeth Hartman patterns, confirming that she will not be a Unicorn making addict! ha ha ha Don't give up Di... you CAN do this.

Beryl The Peril (who has a brother named Denis!) Is making this Charm Pack Tote as a gift for a favourite friend. Just the handles to be finished now.

Enid had made all these flowers once before already, in more muted fabrics... she had a moment a few weeks ago and decided she wanted all of the flowers to be brighter colours, so... she started them all over they really are bright and beautiful, and Enid made them all!

Sister Susie and Fiona Too are making a gifting project together. They both want to learn how to quilt blocks individually and to join them with the apartment joining method. Not only that, they have both decided to learn free motion quilting. 

After setting up the machines and doing a little bit of practicing, and I really do mean a small amount of practice, they took the plunge and got on with it... very steadily stitching Free-Motion-ly and both doing very well indeedy.