Monday, 1 July 2019

Stitching News

Di Butterfly finished her Snakes and Ladders game quilt top. She saw the idea in a magazine but  the links to download the applique designs didn't work so we had to improvise and draw the snakes and the ladders... which shouldn't be a problem but neither of us can draw well, We nailed it!

Merrily made a fabulous quilt backing for this fish pond quilt and was able, as you can see, to make a Koi Carp sandwich, no lettuce needed!! ha ha 

Luna Twearly has been busy in class and at home.... I think she's got her very own self a little bit addicted, she says making blocks and learning stuff is all consuming! She's making random blocks, with no real plan. Gotta love a challenge.

All Day Di has also challenged her very own self... unlike Luna, she is not enjoying it and will never make another of these Elizabeth Hartman patterns, confirming that she will not be a Unicorn making addict! ha ha ha Don't give up Di... you CAN do this.

Beryl The Peril (who has a brother named Denis!) Is making this Charm Pack Tote as a gift for a favourite friend. Just the handles to be finished now.

Enid had made all these flowers once before already, in more muted fabrics... she had a moment a few weeks ago and decided she wanted all of the flowers to be brighter colours, so... she started them all over they really are bright and beautiful, and Enid made them all!

Sister Susie and Fiona Too are making a gifting project together. They both want to learn how to quilt blocks individually and to join them with the apartment joining method. Not only that, they have both decided to learn free motion quilting. 

After setting up the machines and doing a little bit of practicing, and I really do mean a small amount of practice, they took the plunge and got on with it... very steadily stitching Free-Motion-ly and both doing very well indeedy.

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