Monday, 29 July 2019

Stitching News

It's finished!!! Longport Lynda has done a fabulous job with this apartment joined quilt. It's so large I really couldn't get all of it in one picture (though that might be because of all the stock in the shop!!) 

Here's a different angle so you can see the other side... as it is chopped off in the first picture. Each block made then sandwiched and individually quilted before being joined with sashing strips. 

The back.... randomly placed and joined with strips of all the left over fabrics from the piecing of the main, front blocks. Toot toot toot Longport Lynda a fabulous and finished masterpiece!

Monday Sheila wanted to make another gifting quilt. This will be a pram quilt and is one of two that are needed, the next being a bed quilt, floor play mat size. Aren't Log Cabin Blocks fabulous!!!

Rose has just finished a large quilt so she's having a little rest while making useful little doodads. This first one will be used as a bread basket, Rose made it from one of the Debbie Shaw books. It's fabulous and finished too, toot toot toot

Made with a remnant of Scottish Tweed that Rose purchased on a recent trip 'up there'. A spectacle case... very smart it is too. Also fabulous and finished Toot toot toot

Sporty Sue purchased this kit and pattern from the Sewing Quarter. Not the greatest quality of fabrics but the pattern is cute... and Sue loves it so that's all that matters. Balloons made with Foundation Paper Piecing

This is a toot toot toot opportunity for Princess Jackie's Quilt... It's a phone photo so not a brilliant quality picture... The quilt is most definitely brilliant quality though, as we expect from Jackie... perfectly appliqued and with lovely quilting. A fabulous finish, toot toot toot.

I have organised Sock Knitting Workshops.
Whatever next?? Angie Nuttie is an expert Sock Knitter!
The first workshop will be on Saturday 24th August and will include an optional Sock Knitting Kit which will consist of Kaffe Fassett Sock Yarn and 4 High Quality, Knit Pro Pins.
I'm excited already! Aren't you?

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