Sunday 29 August 2021

Stitching News

Princess Jackie finished her cute-etty-cute duckling quilt. It will be gifted to a cricketing friend. If you zoom in you will spot the little cricket themed embelishment
See? I've zoomed in a bit much really and it's gone a bit blurry, but you get the idea. Jackie is very thoughtful with her gift quilt making. Each is usually tailored to it's recipient.

This is the back, fun as usual!
Toot toot toot Jackie, it's another totally toot-able and fabulous finished quilt and I even see a label!!

Shirley also brought in her fabulous and finished quilt. This is her first big one. She had only made a cushion and a table runner then, just before the first lockdown was announced, Shirley purchased a book and some fabric and off she went. Isn't it fabulous!

She came to buy backing fabric but we couldn't find a bolt with enough of the same fabric so, I suggested Shirley make a pieced backing, I do that a lot! And how absolutely fabulous it turned out. I'm so please... and it's not even my work, ha ha ha. Toot toot toot Shirley, fabulous, double sided and finished. I love it!

All Day Di (Lady Lidl) had to make a few little adjustments to her woodland quilt top that she thought she had finished at Checkley Sunday Sewday. Somehow, it had gone a bit wonky and the borders were making that stand out. Remedial work can be infuriating or it can be a good lesson. Di took it all as a lesson, thank goodness! It's all straight enough now with the last border is stitched on, except for that little bit at the bottom... the bobbin had run out right at the end of class, tisk.

Cheryl Cheryl had a busy week finishing all of her random Zig-Zag quilting and arrived for class with all 4 parts ready to be joined up. This was achieved and she went home with it trimmed up and the binding ready to be stitched together and sewn on. She's chuffed with the quilt, I confess to having added this to my "To Do" list!

Susan was working on the curved piecing blocks for this at Checkley Sunday Sewday... it's all stitched together now and looks great with the border strip sewn on. Susan hasn't quite decided whether to make the rest of the flowers for the huge, and rather spectacular, quilt or whether to make a lap throw or cushion. Of course I threw down the gauntlet, I know she can do it, Ha!

Beano worked on this project during the recent quilting retreat. We had to do a little remedial un-stitching and re-sewing... I think it was a bit tricky to have fun chatter with successful mathemisms, but we've got it all sorted now. Beano's quilting design decision is keeping her enthused.

There have been quite a few quilt tops made during the various Lockdown months. I've been selling quite a lot of wadding, that's how I know, I'm like Secret Squirrel with my detective skills aren't I.
Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 blend on a big roll is just over 27 metres long and 3 metres wide (120") and I'm on my third roll since the shop was allowed to open normally. 
Now the finished quilts are starting to show up, how fabulous is that!!! The best news is that folk are saying they have used up all of their stash... so they will be needing to re-stock on beautiful fabrics, I highly recommend they start in my very own shop, it would be rude not to eh?

Thursday 26 August 2021

Bank Holiday Weekend...

I don't know about you but I am sooooo ready for this long weekend. I've been working really hard on a huge project over the last few months (more than a year!) One day I will show you but at this point, I can't. I might even do a big reveal, that will be fun... if it ever ends that is.

Bank Holiday Weekend. But what about my wonderful and very well stocked up shop?
I will be open on Saturday from 10am until 2pm, as normal
Closed on Sunday, as normal.
Closed on Bank Holiday Monday the 30th, whoop whoop whoop
Tuesday 31st my shop will be closed, no classes either.

BUT... You know I like to offer great customer service don't you?

If you would like to make a shopping appointment while I'm officially closed, I am more than happy to organise that. I know some folk like to visit my shop on the way to and from other destinations and it would be a shame to miss you, and such a disappointment for you to find my shop closed.
You would need to email to book the appointment
WhatsApp or call me  07807530441 at shorter notice, if I am able I will be there.

I do hope you have planned some sewing time. I know I have... but you know how plans often go!

Stitching News

 Oh my goodness, I'm falling behind with my blog posts, Ha! I've simply gotten out of the habit and my time is used up elsewhere these days, not on the computer. The pictures might not be in the right order, but at least they are here. 

Carol intends to make all the sizes of the Room With A View pattern. She's using a most scrumptious selection of Batik fabrics for them. She makes it all look so easy!

Sheila finished her baby memory quilt. These clothes were so tiny, 0 - 3month old clothes don't give a lot of fabric to play with. Sheila has left on the little poppers so the sewing was tricky.
This is the back. The panel was just the right size and makes a rather splendid double sided play mat. Toot toot toot Sheila, fabulous and finished and I know you are please with it. I do love the striped binding.

Lorna purchased this pattern online without realising it was using the Foundation Paper Pieced method. Not a problem really, I can help with that, and I did! Lorna is almost an expert already!

The Tuesday ladies went on a lovely sewing retreat last week and a few pictures have come to me. This is Beano's progress, it's looking really good isn't it. Not as easy as it looks.

Christabelle went on the retreat too. She took her new book, purchased from my very good self, and a determined mind. It's been a good challenge but look how fabulous the block is.

More news will follow...

Tuesday 24 August 2021

Sunday Funday Sewday

It's been 18 months since our last Sunday Funday Sewday and we were all so happy to be in one room together, but not too close of course! The hum of sewing machines and chatter with giggles is the best sound!!

Di got all her Forest Friends together!

Pam's quilting her Cat On The Fence quilt.

Lou Lou's grand baby quilt
Farmer Lynda, quilting.

Lady Lidl's almost antique wall hanging will be finished very soon!


Sally's Split 9-Patch

Christine's long term piecing project.

Sandra, making it up as she goes.

Alaine's Pineapple Blossom bocks



Norma spent time quilting
then Norma moved on to her bocks

Piecing this project was tricky. Susan cracked it though.

Not that anyone was excited...
I received messages the day before Sewday. 
Well, preparing your lunch is all part of the excitement process.
Egg Butties, a clear favourite!

 Sunday Funday Sewday
 I've booked more, if you would like to add them to your diary.

Monday 16 August 2021

Stitching News

 Lots of folk are cracking on with their festive sewing and preparations, we have to with hand made things if they are to be used this year really. But we never declare which year we are making for do we!

I took my Christmas Wall Hanging to my shop as the patterns are selling well and I wanted to show off my very own handiwork, it helps some folk with their fabric selecting. I took this photo... what's going on there? It was so weird...

I took another photo seconds later and it was all the right way round... 
I'm a bit spooked. I didn't do anything different. Same 5 minutes, same camera? 

My Lad has finished all of his first batch of Paintball Sweatbands. The ladies in class say they have enjoyed his company. There are so many hours of work here. People think hand made should be cheaper but these have taken two of us 6 full days to complete. 46 ready to sell, fingers crossed eh.

Cheryl came to play at Friday Quilt Club. She was able to make 4 sandwiches, all the same. This will be a large quilt with 4 sections joined up apartment-ly. She took them all home to quilt and declared that they will be finished for next Friday Quilt Club... watch this space, she will do it you know!

Sunday 15 August 2021

Stitching News

I don't know about you but my days seem to pass super quickly now that classes have resumed. I think I'm just about up to speed but I could do with more powerful brain batteries, ha!. Mathemisms are getting a bit easier though, I had kind of lost the knack with my trusty measuring tool, calculator, inches and metres, I'm sure that is caused by Covid Lockdowns and not my age!

Edna finished her Christmas Tree Skirt in good time for gifting, 132 days to go (just saying!) The binding took ages to sew as it's a surprisingly long way round circular projects. The binding had to be cut on the bias so as not to distort the end result. Toot toot toot Edna, a fabulous, festive finish.

Last week, in class, Norma was making blocks for a huge quilt. I helped with loads of cutting and she made a great start on said blocks. This week though, she had decided to start a different project. It's a sort of Rail Fence design and she wanted it in blues... It's a pretty quick make so Norma went home with the top finished and ready for the borders.

Sheila has not completely enjoyed making this quilt. Baby clothes, size up to 3 months, are tiny and very soft, but she is pleased with her effort now. She incorporated some of the poppers too so it was tricksy to quilt.

Sheila opted to use this cute animal panel as the backing so it's a double sided gifting project now. Binding has been prepped so we might need a toot toot next week.

Pam's already finished her Cats On The Fence quilt top. Remember this was a kit? Pam had purchased it to sew on our next wonderful retreat but the excitement got too much and it's already ready to be sandwiched.

This was an amusing moment... When Edna finally finished hand sewing aaaaaaall the way round her tree skirt, she put it on... it was perfect for a shoulder shawl... very snuggly warm it would be too! Edna would look lovely standing in the corner with flashing lights and baubles wouldn't' she, ha ha ha

Thursday 12 August 2021

Stitching News

Blimey, it's been a bit of a whirlwind in these here parts. Lots of personal paperwork to be done. Busy shop, for a lovely change and classes back up and running... my brain's been very well picked, ha!
I have been taking photos to show you and, hopefully, I will catch up soon...
Here's a start though, whet your appetite with these inspiring lovelies.

Farmer Lynda finished her Dinosaur gifting quilt.
 Isn't it just fabulous and very well worth a huge toot toot toot fanfare. 
An Elizabeth Hartman pattern that has sent Lynda to the naughty corner a few times but now...

Even the back is fabulous and she is totally chuffed to bits with her work.
Toot toot toot Lynda!

My Mum Gwynneth got back to her knitting and, as a special request, she knit up these two hats for two of her great grand babies. toot toot toot, they may not be quilts but they are fabulous AND finished.

A customer all the way from Liverpool asked for a quick tutorial on making Hour Glass blocks, that was about two weeks ago. Now she came back to choose the inner border, binding and backing fabrics... She used two of my Batik Six Packs with a Moda Bella Solid white in the main.

Hilary Hat isn't used to making quilts, she's made lots of cushions and little bags though.  This quilt was a little challenge for her. She's made a brilliant job of the Rail Fence blocks and now, it's a sandwich so she's ready to tackle the quilting.

Our Sheila has been working on this quilt over the last few months. It's great to have her back at her Juki, sewing away. This one was a 'quilt as you go' project and joined apartment-ly. It's the only way Sheila can cope with such large projects, and she's not alone there!
Toot toot toot Sheila, a fabulous finish.

Beano started another new project (we can't ask about the last one, ha!) The picture you see is the only clue to where this is going as there's no pattern... just some plain paper, tracing paper and a pencil, and of course, an eraser!!! We will watch it happen right here.

Pam purchased one of my Cats On The Fence quilt kits recently. There's quite a lot of cutting prep to be done but then it's an easy quilt after that. She already has the rows stitched together

Princess Jackie is ready for a toot toot toot-etty-toot for her latest fabulous and finished gifting quilt. She has made this design before but this one has been made a wee bit smaller by shrinking the applique patterns, such a beautiful quilt and very bright, Jackie's style!

As usual the back is all pieced and fabulous too.
Toot toot toot Jackie, a totally fabulous and finished quilt.

When you loose your Sew-Jo it's a great idea to make up a quick and satisfying project. Bendy Bags are the best for job satisfaction, n my very own opinion of course. Louise Merlot made this one. Toot toot toot, it's fabulous and her Sew-Jo has returned, yeeeeha!

Ok so you can probably tell I didn't have much time to write this and now I am in a rush to get the shop opened.... If there are typos I'll fix them later... byeeeeeeeeee