Monday, 16 August 2021

Stitching News

 Lots of folk are cracking on with their festive sewing and preparations, we have to with hand made things if they are to be used this year really. But we never declare which year we are making for do we!

I took my Christmas Wall Hanging to my shop as the patterns are selling well and I wanted to show off my very own handiwork, it helps some folk with their fabric selecting. I took this photo... what's going on there? It was so weird...

I took another photo seconds later and it was all the right way round... 
I'm a bit spooked. I didn't do anything different. Same 5 minutes, same camera? 

My Lad has finished all of his first batch of Paintball Sweatbands. The ladies in class say they have enjoyed his company. There are so many hours of work here. People think hand made should be cheaper but these have taken two of us 6 full days to complete. 46 ready to sell, fingers crossed eh.

Cheryl came to play at Friday Quilt Club. She was able to make 4 sandwiches, all the same. This will be a large quilt with 4 sections joined up apartment-ly. She took them all home to quilt and declared that they will be finished for next Friday Quilt Club... watch this space, she will do it you know!

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