Tuesday 30 October 2018

Stitching News

Beryl came to show us her festive, yet sprout-free, sandwich....
Only in quilting would this not sound weird!!
She wanted some advice about her stitch tension and some quilting ideas.
It's a great table runner design, conjured up as we went along!

PM Pam made a Unicorn block. It will be turned into a cushion.
This time Pam used one of the new Moda Gradients fabrics, it's digitally printed and couldn't be more perfect for a Unicorn mane. 

All Day Di continued working on her new apron applique.
We hear her giggling and patting her very own self on the back about her fabric choices!!! We quilters are easily made happy!!!

Squeals of joy from Farmer Lynda...
She was so proud of her very own self for making this tiny little waistcoat, with the expert guidance from Carol... it's being made for gifting to a tiny person.

Chrystal finished all the outer part of her new crafting bag it has pockets and all.
More pockets were made for the lining which is ready to be stitched in and bound.

Thursday 25 October 2018

Stitching News

Another great pattern from Elizabeth Hartman... A group of Deer is a Herd... not as much fun to find out as other searches I've done for you. This pattern is called Dwight. These blocks are LouLou's Dwights... progress so far that is, production is ongoing. The collective name you ask? A Quilt of Dwights ... I just made that up though!

New Sue has finished one half of the Bargello Wall Hanging that she started during the workshop on Saturday. It's lookin rather stunning and I suspect, having heard all the oooooh's and ahhhh's from fellow quilters, that there might be more Bargello Wall Hangings made in the Christmassy fabrics

Jean Beano had a brilliant idea, at least I think it's brilliant.
She's making her Advent Calendar using a foam stabiliser, Vlieseline Style Vil to be more specific... so it will hang extra phooophy, yet stable. I'm guessing it will need to be rolled up when not in use.

Queenie seems to be stitching up a lot of festive blocks and each week there's a different shaped one. It must be a rather smart pattern she's using to get them all to fit together.... I shall investigate further and let you know.
Sewing Prevention Season is getting sooooo close now.
Look at this link if you dare!!

Wednesday 24 October 2018

A Blessing Of Unicorns

Did you know that a bunch of Unicorns is called a Blessing... how sweet is that!
Some if these blocks will be made into a quilt, 4 I think, and one will be made into a cushion.
There are more Unicorns being made too...
A really popular pattern from Elizabeth Hartman.

Monday 22 October 2018

Bargello Wall Hanging Workshop

Each one completely different with very different fabric choices... and, as you would expect, everyone was so pleased with the workshop. It's ever so exciting as the strips get cut up and broken.
The plan was never to finish the Bargello Wall Hangings in the one day, but
everyone can now stitch away at home as the hard work has been done. They can take their time and complete their beautiful quilts.
I will be repeating this workshop (It will be next year now as we have no Saturdays left really) as lots of people want to have a go at the Bargello method ... now that they've seen these lovelies.
It is a project that can be made in daily classes too. And some have decided to do just that.

Friday 19 October 2018

Stitching News

New Sue has an absolutely fabulous, and extremely cute, gifting quilt ready and waiting. She has allowed me to have it hanging in my very own shop so you can come to see it in real life, all for your very own self... please don't bring any sardines though, ha! Do we toot toot toot? Do we tweet tweet, tweet? What do Penguins do? Have you ever googled Penguin? Try it!
Anyway, apparently they 'honk'...

As is a very popular thing to do with my quilting folk... there's something different on the back.  A personalised quilt is even more special, especially for the younger ones... Honk Honk Honk Sue, it's a fabulous & finished quilt. Thank you for allowing me to hang it.

Princess Jackie added borders to this beautiful appliqued kiddy gifting quilt. As she chose to use a bright striped fabric the decision was made to mitre the corners. They looked really good and were well worth the extra little phafff.

Gail needs to applique twelve little princesses for her current project. All of the princesses are being carefully dressed with co-ordinating crowns and tiaras... Gail is really enjoying th process, she told me so...They look great don't they!

And just as I predicted, New Sue finished her Sloth of Bears.... all borders and sashing strips were added... Sue was crawling around on the floor all day as there wasn't an inch of table spare! The backing has been chosen and a Sandwich Saturday slot has been booked.

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Bargello Wall Hanging Workshop

I looked back on my blog for examples of past Bargello Wall Hangings. I found lots made by some wonderful people, of course they are wonderful, they are Quilters!! 
There's a little 'Search This Blog' box in the right side bar and I just typed in "Bargello"
My blog goes back a very long way and it's full of fun memories for me... so I used up a lot time, insert a long sigh here... doesn't time just fly?
Anyway... Bargello Workshops have always proved to be exciting... just look at all the fun in this post... 
Next Saturday, 20th October we will be Bargello-ing again as we have another workshop planned. Here are a few pictures of past wall hangings... for inspiration!

Fun quilting by Penelope Baskerville!!

Monday 15 October 2018

Stitching News

You might have noticed that our Merrily makes 'different' quilts. Designs made up and involving a lot of PMS (Pleasing My Self) At the moment she is working on a Quilt-As-You-Go and Apartment Joining project, and yes, that is (was) Merrily's Holiday Tea Towel Collection

Di Butterfly has almost finished quilting with metallic threads. She planned to stitch around every little detail, butterflies and squiggles etc.... As the quilt is stabilized now though, the crusts can be trimmed and the binding can be added, then more quilting can be done after, if Di wants to do more that is.

Farmer Lynda has almost finished her quilting too. The bee fabric will be used as binding, which will be lovely. Lynda made this little quilt with the intention of gifting it but admits to having mean thoughts.... that it's turning into a possible keeper! A Bee Keeper!!!

All Day Di was having fun preparing all the tiny little applique detail for this fun apron, it was all sorted and nearing completion... progress slowed when Di decided to change out most of the fabrics... almost like starting again... it's a good job we promote PMS!!

Sporty Sue arrived with this sandwich. We had a little chat about possible quilting lines and lick-etty-split she set to, drawing on the lines and quilting them. Some lines pleased their very own selves and went in the blooming wrong direction, good job Sue is a dab hand at unstitching!

Nutty Nutter has a fabulous and finished quilt for us to fanfare about... It has been made for gifting and all it needs now is a little label on the back... not to give too much away but, labels can cover up a little blip very well!! ha ha ha
Toot toot toot Nutty Nutter, it is certainly a fabulous finished quilt

Friday 12 October 2018

Stitching News

Norma loves bright colours... She's decided to make quilted cushions and each one is being tailor made to be just the right gift, you know... that season that is coming up!

Norma enjoys a more liberated approach to patchwork so has embraced the  'Join it now and trim off the excess' method of making Log Cabin Blocks... It's perfect for Norma's enjoyment,  it allows a lot of PMS (pleasing My Self) and it's just accurate enough to work... Win win!

Carol started this festive project during our recent (and I must admit, mostly wonderful) quilting retreat. She had treated her very own self to the pattern while shopping during our Pilgrimage to the Festival Of Quilts in August... It took a mighty lot of Carol's willpower not to start it before our retreat!!

Susan was going to have a simple backing for her sashed diamonds quilt.... After a little pondering and much (quite a lot of) encouragement (without physical contact I should add) she agreed that all the extra work would be worth it... so now the backing will look fabulous! 

Jean Beano has been making Orange Peel blocks on and off for a long while now... It's her  'Go To' project for in between all others. It's a great idea to have some mindless sewing in progress... by that I mean sewing that has already had all the decisions made or sewing that doesn't need any deciding until all the units are complete. I have a few mindless swing projects on the go actually. Do you?

Another Unicorn... this one is a work in progress for Annbacan. It's been a challenge for Ann and labeling all the pieces has helped her get it just right. She's quite chuffed with her very own self actually, which is a relief!

Pam continues on her creative Marathon... now... I don't like to choose favourites really, mostly because that would be a very difficult task, and who cares about my very own favourites anyway... but the flower on the right here, the fabric and colour choices?... Oh my goodness... it is my favourite so far, I absolutely love it.! 

 Elizabeth Hartman's patterns are so very popular at the moment. New Sue already made the Penguin quilt and now there's a  SLEUTH of bears (I looked that up, who knew?) almost enough for a quilt of colourful bears! Some will have extra characteristics... Fun!

This is another of Pam's cushion flowers, she's a dab hand at the bias binding stems now... even to fussy cutting exactly the bit of fabric print that she wants to use for her stem... She might have had a top tip or two from a very helpful shop owner, who always offers fabulous customer service! 

Christabelle is making a huge quilt using the apartment joining method. Each block is being quilted 'In The Ditch', which Chris is very accurate at stitching, not ditch hopping as most of us do, ha! When I show you the choice for the backing you will be amazed, I was, it's a little fun Quirky-quirkiness.
We have a Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party coming up.
Sunday 28th of October, 9:30am - 4:30pm
Whether you want to do mindless sewing or carefully planned sewing...
Marathon stitching or 'Steady Eddy' stitching?
It's a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!...
And not forgetting the all important and rather lovely chef  and team coming to provide our lunch!!