Thursday 29 November 2012

Quilt Cave

The Heirloom quilt that Helen has been working on over the months has produced an incredible amount of surplus fabric ... What a fabulous quilt those left overs have made... Helen's used up tiny bits to make the 6" blocks, they're the ones set 'on-point'. The alternate blocks are 9"... the 'stage grey' sashing is perfect... don't you think?
Kate's been making Half Square Triangles for about 10 years... he he he, of course I am exaggerating but I'm thinking she's made about 2 million HST's by now. All of which will make two most stunning single bed size quilts.
Irene prrressing her almost finished quilt top at the ironing station... now that's a busy little part of our Quilt Cave.. many a world problem has been sorted out over there! he he he
Lynda continued to quilt her Ohio Star quilt... there's a lot of pushing and pulling to get the quilt through the 'hole' of Lynda's machine... chatting to fun folk all round is a great,fun distraction... those ladies on Lynda's table laughed a lot!
Jolly Jo had us all Wooooh-ing... What a stunning Log Cabin quilt!!... Jo needed eight tables to make this quilt sandwich as it measures over102". (It's a good job I stock extra wide wadding eh!) My camera couldn't get a great picture for you (not me, the camera!)... it's not as yellow-y as it looks here, that's the blooming hall lights, some are a funny colour... Lots of the ladies are wanting to make Log Cabin quilts since Posh Lizi left us all speechless with hers.... Now Jo has the mammoth task of quilting this giant beauty... I'll keep you posted on her progress.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Tuesday Tootsday

Princess Jackie's very Tootable quilt. The ladies were quite fascinated by the colouring in this  project. The background fabric is a very light beige, even though it looks grey and the blues pop as if they're lit up, electric blue?... very clever colour choosing by Jackie
This is the back of Princess Jackie's quilt, isn't it fabulous... deserving of an extra Toot!
Tooting for PM Pam. She finished and stuffed her large floor cushion, it's really lovely and much bigger than it looks in this picture. The Rolling Stone block I think.
The last Tootsday Toot is for Afternoon Judith, who comes for the whole day. She finished her Paper Pieced Christmas Tree wall hanging, which is just as well as she needs to finish 6 Advent Tree quilts and it's December the first on Saturday... turbo stitching time is needed!

Monday 26 November 2012

Quilt Club

One photo... that's all I found on my camera card after Friday Quilt Club... obviously, I forgot to click pics for you, he he he... but it's a great picture, see...
Posh Lizi's Kaleidoscope Stack-n-Whack quilt. I hope you'll be able to zoom in to see how beautiful the blocks turned out. By the end of the day the outer borders were in place so Lizi started  piecing her backing. 
This photo was taken in a different part of My Very Own Classroom... I don't think you have seen this angle before? It's where wadding is stored. I stock several different weights and brands of wadding... during this last week I received a few deliveries... most are 15 metres per roll but the Hobbs Heirloom has 27 metres on it and this time I ordered it 120" wide... we're positively drowning in wadding.

Sunday 25 November 2012

Stitching News

Ann Baker attended the last Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope workshop, October time?  She had a few Christmas projects to finish making so her blocks were put on one side for a short while... finished now though, a lap quilt ready for a sandwich, don't you love little inner borders... they make everything "Pop"

Brenda Barbara added her borders and wasted no time at all in making a sandwich, and cracking on with the quilting... This paper pieced wall hanging was almost ready for binding by the end of the day... just as well it's December next Saturday!!
Ooooooh That means that there's a first Thursday of a month coming up... SPQ Christmas party... have you finished your Chairman's Challenge? I just have to quilt mine... I'm off to do that right now!

Tooting, More Tooting!

At Angie's Very Own Patchwork and Quilting Shop And Classroom (Yes... that would be me and the novelty still hasn't worn off!!) we always make time to blow a trumpet fanfare for a finished project... that's what all the tooting is about... If I write "Toot toot toot" you should think loud trumpet fanfare...

This Log Cabin beauty received a loud "toot toot toot" plus a Wow! he he he, It belongs to a customer who pops in from time to time... She blames me for encouraging her to make great pieced backings using up left over fabrics... it takes a little longer to finish a quilt but boy is it ever worth the effort... shame I didn't get a photo of the back to show you eh!

This was made by the same lady, what a fabulous contemporary Christmas Tree!
This wall hanging size quilt will be one of the workshops I will offer next year... Autumn time... ready for Christmas 2013... don't be shouting like that... I know we haven't had 2012 yet... I'm planning ahead!

Saturday 24 November 2012

Teddy Tooting

Tooting for Teddy today... New Sue has a new grandson and she's making the most of the opportunity to make the cutest things... A Christmas Bear to treasure as a keepsake... cute indeedy

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Tooting My Mum Gwynneth

My Mum Gwynneth made this fabulous quilt using most of two Charm Packs... NOT purchased in My Very Own Quilt Shop... she really enjoyed working on the design. The way the stars are made meant there needed to be concentrating done on fabric placement, My Mum Gwynneth does enjoy a good puzzle!
Toot Toot Toot Mummy!!!

Tuesday or Tootsday

This beautiful quilt belongs to Lovely Lyn... at least it does until she gifts it!..  The block is called 'Economy Patch'... that name still baffles me as it uses the same amount of fabric and the same amount of time with lots of fudging skills and many accuracy tips... not economic at all... but we love it! 
Tootsday tooting for New Sue too. This is another Jelly Roll quilt from Sue's book... I must get the  book title... it's a good one as Sue made lots of the patterns in it. This quilt is small lap size and will be gifted very soon... it's 'that' time of year very soon.

Rose (she of scone fame) had us all breathless as she held up her Bargello quilt after a full day of quilting it... The reaction from all those present was... a sharp intake of breath  followed by silence then ... ooooooooooooooh Rose, that is ... stunning, beautiful, amazing, wow, beautiful... etc etc.. I'm still thinking it... Wow Rose!

Lovely Lyn decided to use a Charm Pack (purchased in my very own quilt shop and, "Yes", I do have some more of them, he he he) with the addition of some background fabric Lyn was able to make 8 Churndash blocks measuring 12 1/4" each... cool eh?

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Stitching News

Morning Judith brought in a few finished projects, I missed the opportunity to get pictures of the others but the main Toot Toot Toot is here... Paper Pieced baubles and a finished Christmas Tree wall hanging, started at a recent workshop in My Very Own Classroom.

Angie (not me) arrived ready to make her Railfence sandwich and to start on the quilting. Her beautiful little Elna Lotus-like machine is in the sewing machine hospital so she used my old faithful Bernina 153...

Pm Pam was inspired by Wendy's wall hanging... displayed in My Very Own Quilt Shop, so she bought the book and ran up this fabulous apron... of course... now, we all want one!

Jean Bean played with pebbles, red thread on red fabric, great for practising new designs so... Jean's practised a lot and now she's very good at free motion quilting pebbles, on the back of the quilt they look fabulous too.

Morning Judith got used to sewing with these bright and funky fabrics now, she's made 19, so that's just 5 to go... plus the border blocks which will need 72 x 3 1/2" half square triangles

Cynthia (looks like Bev) is absolutely thrilled to bits that she has been able to make this huge quilt. She made it in three separate parts...rooms, all joined together after quilting to make the apartment... Apartment Quilting! Sort of quilt as you go... but different. She's working on the borders now... getting bigger by the minute!

PM Pam likes to work on a few projects at the same time... Last week this was just an idea and a bit of fabric. By the end of this week's class, after having quilted the appliqué apron, Pam was ready to sandwich and quilt this fabulous giant floor cushion to be gifted to a very lucky little lady.

Sunday 18 November 2012

Stitching News

Meryl finished her first ever quilt, the Railfence Table Runner... she's so very pleased with it.  Meryl enjoyed her first few classes so much that she's converted her spare room into a SEWING ROOM, yeeehaaa and toot toot toot!!... welcome to the dark side Meryl! 

Posh Lizi's beautiful Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt blocks with some of her sashing strips,
There's going to have to be another Workshop for this method, Lizi's blocks started it off all over again... just lovely aren't they... 

Wendy came to play... she brought along a big box of scraps, a Jelly Roll, these Wonky Star blocks and some triangle-y-bit blocks ... to see what we could do with them, this is how far we got... there's a plan for the border  but more triangle-y-bit blocks will be needed for that.
Matthew added this thin red border before stitching on the main fabric to his Railfence table runner... I/we love those little inner border treatments!... Matthew finished his quilt top, made a sandwich and got loads of the quilting done.
Vicky didn't need a second table runner, Matthews will be fine (Mr & Mrs), so she's making a kiddy quilt for gifting using the Railfence design with slightly wider cut strips. It's quite a bit bigger that a table runner so we ran out of time to start quilting it, next time...

Thursday 15 November 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Lynda proudly held up her hand quilted and very cute teddy quilt for a toot toot toot moment. The printed panels are great for hand quilting because they have no seams to stitch through... 

My Mum Gwynneth was adding the binding to her Wonky Stars quilt, she prefers the traditional binding so it will be hand stitched to the back.

Gail decided to do all of the cutting for her next project so that she can wizz through the block making process by chain piecing. It's going to have the Friendship Star as the main block.

Mystery Margaret is making the most interesting of borders. They're pieced using every scrap of fabric left over from the main part of the quilt top and they look great.

Lynda's Ohio Star quilt, her latest project, is also having an interesting border to use up left overs, it's such a lot of fun this 'inventing game'

Jean Bean is on a 'finishing roll', she's decided to finish everything before starting a new project... now that will feel good eh! Free motion quilting all the background red fabric on this Square Dance design is making the dancing pin-wheels pop up... exactly as predicted.
Yes, I was in a hurry when writing this post, so if you're reading and thinking... "oh, that was brief" you passed the observation test, he he he

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Out To Lunch

A wonderful and buzzing Quilt Cave day today, it's a sign winter is here and the gardens are, pretty much, not needing any titivating, weeding or planting... for some folk, quilt production goes up at this time of year. This picture was taken at lunchtime when we were in our lunch lounge eating all sorts of goodies and having a good old natter and giggle... doesn't it look like we have fun!

Tuesday, With Tooting

Lovely Lyn was ready to show us her finished and seriously Tootable quilt.  She'd finished this beauty a few weeks ago but had fallen out of love with it... the break from working on it must have done the trick because she loves it again now, that's why we get to Toot Toot Toot for Lovely Lyn's beautiful quilt... better late than never eh! 

Jean Bean finished her latest project too. A 'snuggle quilt' in Jean's very own words... she wanted to make a quick to finish quilt, babies grow too fast don't they... so you gotta catch em quick for making lovely little quilts! Cute and fun fabric squares joined together... does it get faster than that?

Jean Bean appliquéd baby's name on the back of the snuggle quilt... what's that all about?
Ok, I jest for my own amusement, sorry... "What's it all about, Alfieeeee..." remember that one?
It's a great idea though, and makes a rather splendid, double sided snuggle.

Morning Judith is in the process of making a delicious Log Cabin quilt (like the one in the side bar called 'Lilly's Colours') it's such a lovely pattern... and what fabulous colours for a soon-to-be teenager! Judith made three blocks so she only needs 21 more.

Oh my word... is this ever a fabulous example of a Bargello quilt. Rose did a brilliant job, sticking exactly to the pattern instructions... There's a chart to follow... and she did just that! Easy quilts that look terrible difficult to the none-quilters... it was sandwich time... always followed by the quilting!

Lovely Lyn made a sandwich with her next top... she loves red and cream...  This lap size quilt will be/should be gifted to a very lucky fellow... I hope he appreciates it... if he actually ever receives it.. Lyn loves it... maybe she will keep it?

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Stitching News

Geoff spied a rare opportunity in his work schedule and booked himself a few hours of stitchy fun time. Given all the detail he has already stitched on his quilt top, including the hand woven carpet there, the project was pulling a little out of shape so we taped it to the table to see whether it would square up... and it did so... happy with the news, Geoff's going to add the other details.

Cynthia (who looks like Bev) was quilting the third main piece of her huge quilt. The other two thirds have already been joined together apartment-ly... and I have to tell you... it's going to be a stunning Toot Toot any time soon... once the border decisions have been made that is.

Scandal in the room... There's another Angie!!! She joined us for her first lesson last week, whilst I was  enduring my blogging holiday, so I couldn't report this news for you... I'm over the shock now though... she's very nice so I will let her stay! ha ha ha. This week 'Angie Not Me' was adding her borders and preparing to sandwich

Toot toot toot for Ann Baker as she finished her extremely long table runner, more that two and a half metres long, and the full set of Christmas-sy cushion covers, all quilted and waiting for the new sofa!

Sunday 11 November 2012

Catching Up...

With a Blogging holiday set in place for last week, I didn't need to worry about remembering to take photos... that's a luxury when when you've got a memory like the one have! I did take a few though and I thought I would post them so you can see that I wasn't sunning myself on any beach, he he he
Rose's... Wow!

Princess Jackie's lap quilt, almost finished...
actually... by now it is most probably finished!

Shirley Lerly's large Bento Box sandwich

Wendy's diamonds, Christmas Tree wall hanging.

Lizi's Kaleidosope blocks, time to trim.

Helen's sampler blocks, with stage coloured sashing.

Joan The Shop's border sandwiches, for the Chocolate Fish Quilt

Barbie's beautiful vase of applique flowers...
Yes, it's exactly like the one she said she would never make again!