Wednesday 30 July 2008

Quilt Class

For the first hour we only had 2 ladies, Ines & Anita. Just as I thought it would be a quiet morning, more ladies arived.

Anabela works, she came by to show us what she is doing with her holidays... sewing!
She has lots of these kaleidoscope blocks done and hopes to finish the quilt in 1 month. The house won't be clean, cupboards will be empty and the family will starve... but she will be happy and the quilt might get finished! Sounds like normal life for me! ha ha ha

The baby will be born any day now... Ines is almost done with the quilt, just a few ends to tie off and the binding... hope baby can wait...

Corina cutting her strips, a new lady today. She owns a craft and art school and needs this project finished before the 1st of September... She chose Christmas fabrics for her table runner. She took them home to sew.

Ines with last minute quilting...

In the middle is Anita. She is working on her Log Cabin quilt. All the blocks are done now so she will be piecing them together at home. Next time we see it, it could be finished!!???

Sofia was marking the cutting lines for her Square Dance quilt. It is quite a fiddley job ...

Very shiny hair here , he he he

baby taking notes... never to young to start quilting eh!! She was watching her mum play fabrics!!!

Tuesday 29 July 2008

Ursula's Tree

Ursula has finished her paper-pieced Christmas tree, well... at least the top is complete. She is going to make the sandwich and quilt it at the next PIP camp on Friday 15th & Saturday 16th August.

It looks great in these colours, don't you think? I love the music fabric for the borders too....

It just goes to show that we don't have to stick to red, green and gold for our christmas projects.!

Sunday 27 July 2008

PIP Camp day 2

A very rare thing happened ...
Milly was on time!
She was the first to arrive for day 2 of PIP camp.
Here she sits already working and wondering whetever happened!!!?

Here Catarina is working on her last Christmas tree bauble...

... all the blocks placed correctly ready to sew together, so it is almost finished!
Remember I told you that I made a lot of mess when I did the paper piecing... Catarina works the same way... what a mess!!

Milly at work with her paper piecing... number two bock..
Number three block.... and still smiling!!

Anabela joined us today, block one complete... 9 to go! She actually made 5 by the end of our day.
Ursula also finished her baubles, all in place and ready to sew together.....
... and finally, making adjustments and fiddling!...

Now with everything sewn it's time to remove all of the paper foundation. The only person I know who actually enjoys doing this part is my Mum... shame she wasn't on hand today as Ursula really didn't enjoy it!!

Everyone busy....

If everything runs to plan, there will be another two day PIP camp on Friday 15th & Saturday 16th of August. This time the theme will be UFO's. Time to work on any project you have waiting to be finished.

Saturday 26 July 2008

PIP Camp Day 1

Day 1 of our PIP (Patchwork in Portugal) Camp. We had a very quiet start to the day. Paper piecing needs a little concentration so no-one was talking. Once they got going though, all was well ... and fun but no sunshine just gloomy clouds all day.. very fitting for a Christmas project!!

Regina M. cutting strips....

Regina S., Ursula & Catarina cutting the tree green and background fabrics....
Regina M. sewing

Catarina and Milly ...

Ursula, the only one using none-traditional colours... they look great though...

Regina M. with her first bauble finished.

Jo hard at work.....
oooooops..... Jo unpicking the hard work.....

Catarina checking everything is in the right place!

Regina S.... it's starting to look like a christmas tree already...

Milly with her first bauble... only 9 to go!


Ursula's baubles... 6 done only 4 to go...

checking all is well....

Regina S. first bauble.... Regina M looking on...

Milly with lots of little bits... doesn't look anything like a tree yet... but it soon will!

Another PIP day today....

Wednesday 23 July 2008

Mums Lace

My Mum sent me a photo of her latest project.

She says about it.....
"The pattern is called Fleur and again is a Biggins one. I tried several ways to do the stitch in the larger section nearer to the inside edge but wasn't too happy that I had done it right.
I took it to our lace group meeting and asked Maddy, the more experienced lacer, and she confirmed that I had done it right, so I was able to get on with it.
The stitch is '8 thread Armure - Binche' It is similar to the 'rose ground' in the other section nearer to the scalloped edge. The black looking dot is an uncovered pin hole, which is what got me thinking I had done it wrong. Usually all the pins are covered. This pattern uses 33 pairs and Finca 40's thread.
I haven't used this thread before but it feels nice and smooth to work with. As there are no more meetings until September, I'm afraid I have allowed myself to become side-tracked with other bits and pieces so there isn't a lot being done on the lace front.
I guess if you make lace, this seamingly foreign language will mean something to you....
I am a quilter...
and .... I'm sorry mummy, this went straignt over my head, and I read it several times!!!
I love it .. but I don't understand it at all...... tee hee

Monday 21 July 2008

O Christmas Tree

I finished it, all quilted and bound and I shall make the label later... as usual.
I'm very pleased with this wall hanging.
I enjoyed quilting it... once I decided how. I keep trying to avoid meandering since we went to the Jenny Bowker "dance with your feed-dogs down" workshop in April. She said they were now 'old fashioned'... but I love the meandering, so I have decided to put it back in fashion, well, at least at my house anyway!!

I love the presents under the tree, I was smiling while i made those...
and this is the cutest bauble, in my opinion!

I hope the ladies at the PIP camp enjoy making their project as much as I have... even with the sun blazing down telling me "It's only July!!!"

We still have room for a few more at the camp if you are interested?

Saturday 19 July 2008

IWP Quilt Group

This is Therese Chunky Churndash quilt top. She bought the green and white fabric for the hourglass blocks but all of the other fabrics are scraps she bought from a lady who left, Therese was very happy to be able to use them up. Looks like Therese has started to design now, the borders look great with the addition of the bows.

Ursula finished sewing the binding on her Chunky Churndash quilt. She used a textured denim fabric for the hourglass blocks, it gives it a great scrappy look.

Jackie is making Japanese Kimono blocks with luscious fabrics, this is one of them.

Jackie also decided to make a kind of 'stained glass window' wall hanging. Also using rich fabrics that feel like silk. Here I am helping... well, actually, doing the cutting for her!

In these next pictures Jackie has placed each set of blocks on different coloured fabrics to audition for the sashing strips.

or purple..?
She decided on the purple in the end.

This was Arabela's last morning with us for a whlie. She has gone home to Spain to have her little baby girl there. She made this special angel towel in preparation for her new little one.