Sunday 27 July 2008

PIP Camp day 2

A very rare thing happened ...
Milly was on time!
She was the first to arrive for day 2 of PIP camp.
Here she sits already working and wondering whetever happened!!!?

Here Catarina is working on her last Christmas tree bauble...

... all the blocks placed correctly ready to sew together, so it is almost finished!
Remember I told you that I made a lot of mess when I did the paper piecing... Catarina works the same way... what a mess!!

Milly at work with her paper piecing... number two bock..
Number three block.... and still smiling!!

Anabela joined us today, block one complete... 9 to go! She actually made 5 by the end of our day.
Ursula also finished her baubles, all in place and ready to sew together.....
... and finally, making adjustments and fiddling!...

Now with everything sewn it's time to remove all of the paper foundation. The only person I know who actually enjoys doing this part is my Mum... shame she wasn't on hand today as Ursula really didn't enjoy it!!

Everyone busy....

If everything runs to plan, there will be another two day PIP camp on Friday 15th & Saturday 16th of August. This time the theme will be UFO's. Time to work on any project you have waiting to be finished.

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lacingnan said...

There's no paper to remove when I paper piece! I cut off all the wrong bits as I go along. Lots of Celotape on my work!