Wednesday 26 April 2023

Stitching News

 In no particular order:-

Rose has collected a good stash of wool fabrics over time, she loves working with wool and wool felt. This lovely applique, stitched to a Linen/cotton blend from Makower, will be made into a cushion, it's a pattern from a book by Piece O Cake designs, they are always cute!

Norma has half of her beautiful Batik quilt top finished already.  Each of the blocks measures 18" so they are pretty easy to make. Norma was going to take her time and make this next quilt slowly, that isn't happening! 

Fiona Too really likes making cushions and pillows. She sent this picture as proof of her finish. Wouldn't you love a pair of wellies like those?
It's a fabulous and finished pillow so, Toot toot toot 

Farmer Lynda is really enjoying making her Pirate themed gifting Quilt. 
All the units have a lot of detail, as you can see.

Here's the latest bit, a Treasure Chest, isn't fabulous! 
Lynda stayed up well in to the early hours to get it finished, 
How lovely to be enjoying a project so much.

Remember I told you Pam didn't want to start any more projects?
She's started making mini Churndash blocks, for a Churndash Quilt!

She's making a lovely Tea Pot project, in memory of a very good friend.
 Pam also purchased kits from the quilt show!!! ha ha ha 
Pam, I think Quilting is your drug of choice xx

In a very recent post I showed you the start of Christabelle's Hidden Wells project. 
These colours are very much like the real life fabrics
Lick-etty-Split there was a beautiful sandwich being made.
It doesn't look like the same fabrics, but I promise you it is the same project.
Chris quilted a lot of this gifting quilt yesterday.

It's a colour thing again, this project looks very pink here but it has plenty of greens and blues too. It's my "We didn't go on the retreat" quilt top, a work in progress. None of the applique is stitched yet, but it's all glued in place ready for the next retreat date, I hope they don't cancel this one!

Let's Catch Up

I know I keep telling you how busy I am. It's not an excuse and I'm not complaining.
It's real life.
I've decided to try sitting on my hands and to stop volunteering so much, ha!! 

Were you able to get to our local quilt show at Uttoxeter this last weekend? There were lots of visitors this year. It's always lovely to catch up with the folk I only see annually at the show.

Thank you VERY MUCH to Our Carol and Christabelle, who volunteered their time to help put the quilts up with me on the Wednesday,  just three of us this year, hard to believe I know, but we did it. We did have a couple of guys with a ladder to help too.
Huge thanks to those who gave their time to be a Quilt Angel. Especially Di (Lady Lidl) Farmer Lynda and Our Very Own PM Pam, all of whom stayed with me for all three, long days xx
We took the whole quilt show down in record time this year, thank you Gwen and Our Carol!
The hand over all happened very smoothly too, Di and Sharon helped with that, thanks ladies.

It's all done and dusted for another 11 months or so. (Note to self, finish a quilt!)
There is some information on the winning exhibits here and no, I didn't take those pictures! 

It's a Checkley Sunday Funday Sewday this weekend, 30th May. 
9:30am to 3:30pm £20 paid in advance and £25.00 to pay on the day.

Okeydokey folks.
I'll find some pictures for you in the next post. xx

May, Lot's of dates to note

Monday 1st Closed. Bank Holiday

Saturday 6th Closed. Charlie’s Coronation

Sunday Closed, as usual.

Monday 8th Closed. Bank Holiday

Friday 12th Closed. 

Saturday 13th Closed

Monday 29th Closed Bank Holiday

In June, a holiday!
My shop will be closed from Monday 5th until Monday 12th

Sunday 16 April 2023

Uttoxeter Quilt Show

 It's Uttoxeter Quilt Show next weekend.

Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April.
If you have an hour or two to spare, please volunteer to be a Quilt Angel on any of the days. 
Especially Friday and /or Sunday.
Your help will be very much appreciated.

Angie 07807530441

Saturday 8 April 2023

Catching Up, Stitching News

You probably noticed? Life got super busy here. I've been doing that running two separate businesses thing again, for 5 weeks, so time just got swallowed up. I'm not a natural for burning the candle at both ends!! Everything could calm down now as the other volunteer is back from his holiday, though it's time for the big build up to Uttoxeter Quilt Show from next week so, I might have to neglect my very important, quilty reports for a bit longer. Keep popping back please, ha!
Most of these pictures have been waiting in my camera for a over a week, you know what Beano says, "It is, what it is!"
Shirley put her quilt top together with these cuties. Dogs In Beautiful Batik Sweaters. Obviously it's another Elizabeth Hartman pattern. There will be major quilting decisions for Shirley as there's a lot of background which will need to be filled in with a row or two of stitching.

Jan is also using an Elizabeth Hartman pattern, such elegant swans! Each one has a different black and white highlight fabric for the feather detail, it is going to be a stunning quilt! Jan declared that stitching the heads and beaks is not for the faint hearted, ha!

Rose finished her Wolf quilt. 
It's is fabulous and finished just in the nick of time for gifting. 
Toot toot toot Rose. I hope you can see the personalised letter quilting?

Tah Dah. Much easier to see the quilting from the back. Rose kept the bobbin thread colours the same as the top stitching so there are 5 cute little Wolfie characters on the back too. Luckily the initials are W and Y which are the same in reverse.

Sister Susie finished her Twister Wreath table topper. 
It is fab-u-lous! made with a Moda festive Charm Pack, toot toot toot. 
Thank you for sending the picture Susie.

This is Pam's table of projects to be worked on in class one day.
Left, a pink Premature baby quilt to be sandwiched.
Centre, A hexagon project, it now has a bit more fabric and a plan.
Right, Border blocks for her scrappy "we didn't go on the retreat" quilt.
Top centre? Another Elizabeth Hartman pattern purchase. 
This lady does like to work on lots of projects at the very same time.

Jean Bean had to go off plan with this splendid gifting quilt top. 
Mathemisms can complicate things! Unphased, the plan was revised, Beano is very flexibubble! and no-one will know, ooooops! Well, I guess you do now, ha!

Jackie and I were talking about our unfinished Hidden Wells quilt projects. Mine needs borders. Jackie's only needs sandwiching and quilting. Christabelle was inspired and intrigued. She chose her very own fabrics,  7 in total, pictured, and set about all the strip cutting, there's a LOT of strip cutting! and sewing strip sets. Slicing and twisting and block making! It's as easy as that!

We haven't seen anything from Jeannette for years. Work really does get in the way of stitchy fun!! She wanted to get back to quilting and started off with this fabulous set of quilted sofa cushions. Toot toot toot Jeannette, fabulous and finished, welcome back to the dark side!

I told you! 
Pam took her new farm pattern purchase home and lick-etty-split, there was a chicken block picture arriving!! I've lost count, but it's a loooooong list of To-Do's

You know what? A bar counter is a good height for cutting on. No time is wasted in between pulling those pints. Customers were a bit curious, ha ha ha Progress is progress. This is for my "We didn't go on the retreat"  project.
And Yes, I do still have a stash of Brazilian fabric!

I could still use a few more volunteers to be Quilt Angels at Uttoxeter Quilt Show 21st to 23rd of April, please call me, 07807530441 if you are avail-a-bubble for an hour.

On top of all that excitement, there's a Sewing Saturday next weekend, 15th, in my shop.

And it's a Sunday Funday Sewday at Checkley Community Centre on 30th April, 9:30am - 3:30pm, have you booked and paid? 
£20.00 pay on booking and £25.00 to pay on the day.

Merry Easter break!!