Sunday 29 July 2018

Bunting Cushion Workshop

We had another fun day in the classroom. Lots of new skills, new methods and top tips were enjoyed. All have more applique stitching to do as that's a long and steady process. Each lady went home with the zip already stitched under a flap on the back of the cushion so they call all finish their festive cushions in their very own time... or they can come back for further help... always happy to help!
Here's the results of the lovely day.... 

This Festive Bunting Cushion started off as a Prairie Point Pillow, instruction can be found on the Moda Bakeshop site.
There will be another Bunting Cushion workshop in September.

Saturday 28 July 2018

Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party

Next Sunday, 5th August, it's a Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party.
If you are wanting to come, I have to be confirming catering numbers on Monday 30th July... so 
You better to be quick to book and pay if you want lunch included in your day of luxury!

Please remember that we are collecting toiletries for the women's refuge.
Also this month you can help further by bringing Towels, new or in great condition.

Then there's your sale table stuff if you are playing that game!

You will probably look like a pack horse when you arrive... 
but you will have a great day!!


Tuesday 24 July 2018

Stitching News

Toot toot toot-etty-toot!
This is Gail's fabulous and finished Twister Heart Cushion.

Tooting again now for Lesley's fabulous and finished 'back to basics' cushion...
It's very helpful to go back to basics and Lesley found it very useful indeedy.
Even though Lesley is a dressmaker and has no fear of zips at all.... she was very impressed with my method for putting a zip in the back of a cushion... no need for those Toddler Tummy backings any more!

Queen Jacqui has lots of her applique flower blocks finished now and, would you believe it?  She's already planning to make them all again in very bright colours. It's a dark picture because the sun plays havoc with my camera skills!

All Day Di's T-Shirt quilt... No ordinary T-Shirt Quilt
She is adding lots of little details and is loving every minute of it.
This is about half of it's finished size, going to be a whopper...
 I love it!

Saturday 21 July 2018

We Feel Good...

It's OK to feel good about doing something charitable isn't it? 
The Sunday Sewing Patchwork Parties are proving to be very successful and we have such lovely days... We all know it's a little luxury... a short retreat from normality.

  There's women's refuge in need of a few things.
Sometimes on holidays, we take the toiletries from hotels, really just to shove them in a cupboard at home. Longport Lynda asked if we could/would give them to her to give to the refuge. We were happy to help... but we decided to ask the Sunday retreaters to bring toiletries along, just a bottle of shower gel, maybe a shampoo. Such generosity... we had loads of things donated.  One was an unwanted gift of luxury goodies in a lovely basket so, Jean Bean decided that we should raffle it. We did and made quite a pot of money. Lynda contacted her contact for the refuge and asked what items they would like us to purchase with the raffle money. They requested towels and sleepwear. With the help of her daughter, Lynda went shopping and was able to purchase all of this stuff... We felt so good about it when Lynda brought in her bags full...
If you're coming to our next Sunday Sewing day, 5th August, please feel free to bring along  toiletries and any towels you have at home that are in very good condition or new and unwanted gifts. Unfortunately, the need for them will continue.

Stitching News

New Sue's beautiful Batik project... The sandwich was made and quilting lines were discussed and pondered. This quilt will be gifted... If Sue can part with it!

Sandwich number two for Sue... see how that rhymes!!! There are a few ladies working on this  project at the moment, they all purchased the pattern at the very same show and they all look very different.

Lorna came to make a giant sandwich. This is her very own design and was made with leftover fabric from cutting down a large quilt (duvet) cover... rather too much thriftiness for a quilt shop owner!! ha ha ha

Judy wanted to use festive fabrics... it's happening a lot these days... must be the heat of this wacky weather! Cushions are always pleasing projects as they can be made lick-etty-split.

Even the back of Judy's cushion looks festive with it's covered zip.

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Kate Tunic Workshop

What a lovely way to spend a day. 
4 Ladies making tunics with expert guidance from Our Carol.
One finished and three went home with a few more things needing to be done.
Katie in her finished Kate.
She already had it all cut out and used pre-made, co-ordinating Bias Binding

Sue wanted to take her time so she did.
She's booked to come to another class to work on her Kate.
Carol is in the classroom on Thursday's so there will be help on hand.

Alison made her Kate Twice.
First time... tried it on and realised it was much too big so she unpicked it all.
Re-traced a smaller size and started again.
All part of the learning!

My Lilly was dressmaking with Carol too.
A Tunic but not a Kate.
 I got to look after this little one.
4 months old now and almost crawling, already!
Lots of customers got to cuddle too. 

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Festival Of Quilts

It's time to book your very own seat on our coach if you want to join our Annual Pilgrimage to the Festival Of Quilts at the NEC on Sunday 12th August. 
£25.00 includes entry and needs to be paid on booking.
Picking up first in Meir Stoke-on-Trent 8:30am, then Cheadle, Tean & Uttoxeter

Monday 9 July 2018

Hello, Hello, Hello...

My poor neglected blog... Ha! 
I've had a multitude of  reasons not to blog... For a while I lost my perfect purple camera. New internet provider that wasn't really providing! A new granddaughter has to be given days... it's my duty to kiss those cheeks!! And on top of all that, the little corner where my computer lives is like a sauna with this heatwave!! No time needs to be spent there dripping hot for a blog! 
And... on top of all those excuses, I am learning to crochet.... I couldn't do it so I was consumed with determination and every waking minute was spent trying to get it right... I have actually cracked it now. With a lot of help from PM Pam, Farmer Lynda, Longport Lynda, Monday Judy and My Mum Gwynneth... yes, every one of them has tried to help me, I think I have Crochet-Lexia!!! 
So a few quilty pictures for you...

Gail is first up with her fabulous and finished kiddie play mat..
Toot toot toot Gail

This is the back... no fabric has been wasted and all those little left over blocks have been incorporated too. Well done Gail, it is a lovely quilt... perfect for gifting.

Gosh, this is from a couple of weeks ago. A lady came to make the beginner cushion. Annette had a great day learning lots of top tips as she wasn't really a beginner, she just thought she needed to go back to basics.

PM Pam came to Checkley Community Centre for our recent Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party... this quilt top was already made so Pam got all her fabrics out and made a great backing for it.  I think Pam said that she would have this project professionally quilted.

Princess Jackie and a few other ladies went to a children's dressmaking workshop in Leek a few weeks ago and is now making dresses for all the little girls in her world. Such beautiful fabrics too!! I wonder where they are from?? ha ha

Gail's Twisted Heart is coming along very nicely... She's made a few of them over the years so, I'm just guessing, she might be an expert now... Don't tell her I said that!

Princess Jackie is making a Twisted Heart Cushion too... supposedly guided by our resident expert Gail!... They are fun projects to make... Those Sweet Peas are from my lovely pots outside the shop... Jean Bean told me to keep picking them and the plant will keep producing more... and it does.

A delicious dessert, Summer Berry Eton Mess
We had a most wonderful day at our Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party.
Great food, great fun, lovely people and inspiring projects.
Next one is Sunday 5th August. Call for more information....
07807530441 or email...

Friday 6 July 2018

Stitching News

Judy's fabulous and finished Festive Bunting Cushion. Toot toot toot
It's ever so slightly different from mine, you know we encourage PMS (Pleasing My Self) This cushion can be made for any occasion by changing the words... It's not rocket science! 

At the very same time Judy has been working on this Gypsy Wife quilt.
Controlling the colour scheme is always an option, and one Judy has really enjoyed 

Monday Sheila made another Zipped Messenger Bag

Monday Sheila made another Zipped Messenger Bag. I'm like a parrot ... like a parrot... Yes, it's true... On Monday, Monday Sheila made both of the zipped Messenger Bags and a third just needed the handles. Good job we are not paying her Piece time rates.

More later... I'm off to my shop now.....