Saturday, 21 July 2018

We Feel Good...

It's OK to feel good about doing something charitable isn't it? 
The Sunday Sewing Patchwork Parties are proving to be very successful and we have such lovely days... We all know it's a little luxury... a short retreat from normality.

  There's women's refuge in need of a few things.
Sometimes on holidays, we take the toiletries from hotels, really just to shove them in a cupboard at home. Longport Lynda asked if we could/would give them to her to give to the refuge. We were happy to help... but we decided to ask the Sunday retreaters to bring toiletries along, just a bottle of shower gel, maybe a shampoo. Such generosity... we had loads of things donated.  One was an unwanted gift of luxury goodies in a lovely basket so, Jean Bean decided that we should raffle it. We did and made quite a pot of money. Lynda contacted her contact for the refuge and asked what items they would like us to purchase with the raffle money. They requested towels and sleepwear. With the help of her daughter, Lynda went shopping and was able to purchase all of this stuff... We felt so good about it when Lynda brought in her bags full...
If you're coming to our next Sunday Sewing day, 5th August, please feel free to bring along  toiletries and any towels you have at home that are in very good condition or new and unwanted gifts. Unfortunately, the need for them will continue.

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