Monday 30 November 2015

A Bit Of Stitching News

Krafty Karen finished all of her festive table mats...
This is a great way to use those little picture squares you buy in strips
Toot toot toot Karen, 6 Fabulous toot-toot-ety-toots, for 6 finished mini quilts!
Jean Bean has a baby coming...
A new baby will need a new stocking... and Lick-etty-Split!
It's a good job our Jean remembered how to make the lovely stockings.
Carol was ever so excited to show us her finished, and fabulous gifting quilt...
Once again my photo doesn't do any favours to the colours...
in real life they are richer and totally toot-a-bubble!
Now, don't tell anyone that I showed you this quilt... it's a secret you see... just between us two... Isn't it lovely, so very girly and beautifully designed. Toot toot toot Fiona... it will be a lovely surprise.
Brenda Barbara had this Dolphin fabric given to her because her Grand daughter loves Dolphins... we pondered what to make and perused the other fabric choices for a while... I think we did a perfect job of choosing and Brenda did a great job with the piecing... Team Work!
Sister Susie had done lots of homework... Sandwich time so,  we squished up a few things so that a sandwich could be made. You probably won't believe me, but this is the back of the gifting quilt!
Christabelle had lots of fun making this little wall hanging. It's got little pockets to store important things in too... lots of embroidery and embellishing make this project quirky and fun.. what a lovely gift! Toot toot toot Chris, fabulous 
A short post considering how long you've waited... We are busy and secrets are being made!

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Serious Business Now

Another quilt hanging on my classroom wall for you to see...
It's another beauty made by our New Sue... she donated it for a very serious cause.
You have actually been treated to a preview of this one before but the raffle draw date is fast approaching so there's just time to purchase the last few tickets.
Tickets are £1.00 and there is no limit, you can have as many as you like!!

Find more information here...

Frosty Friend Pillow

Free Pattern click here
PM Pam made this delightful festive pillow.
Frosty is fabulous and also a free pattern wooohooo... so we can all make one!
Pam, your pillow is good and ready for a toot toot toot fanfare!
Pam's Frosty Friend Pillow is on display in my very own shop this week only, if you would like to pop in to see it for your very own self.... maybe you would like to purchase a little festive fabric ready to make your very own Frosty Friend...
Yesterday I had a last minute delivery of festive fabrics...
they are from a warehouse clearance so came at a bargain price...
which I am happy to pass on to you...
£7.00 per metre..... believe it!!!

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Quilty Quarters

I know that, by now, you will have noticed that I am spending less time on my computer... What a fun time I am having in Quilty Quarters. I thought I would show you all of the PhD's I've produced over the last two weeks.
On my Design Wall... Jelly Roll quilt experiment.
Piled up on the Ironing board...
A tree Skirt... Prototype for a 2016 workshop.
A cushion front, Stargazy Daisiez workshop sample.
Bargello Style quilt... playing with beautiful Batiks and a Moda Bake Shop pattern, this one loving how it's coming together.
Two unfinished Bendy Bags and little zippy purses from Saturday workshop...
and last but not least... I made a kiddy quilt top last night... this is it...
Better get on now... it's time open my lovely little quilting oasis

Sunday 22 November 2015

Stitching News With Tooting

Just Edna finished her fabulous Crossbody Tote Bag...toot toot toot.
This pattern has a few elements that read a bit tricky...but once you tackle them...
they're easy and obvious... am I right Edna?
The beautiful Art Gallery Fabrics match that perfectly placed zip very well indeedy
Toot toot toot time for Rose's fabulous finish...  made with two Charm packs and a little extra fabric for the borders...This lovely lap size quilt will be gifted very soon...
I want you to see Rose's very own quilt design....  
Wing It with your Walking Foot.... that's what Rose calls it...
"I'm Just Winging' It" she says
Using a Clover Chaco marker to draw the main vines flowing well...
it is just chalk after all... then adding a few winged leaves... F-A-B-U-lous!!
Stargazy Daisiez workshop... the results!!!
Stephanie Iceland used her 
workshop blocks to make these fabulous cushions
I love the way she used those Ombre Oranges to add a little zest!!
Toot toot toot Stephanie your cushions are fabulous
Our Sheila has been working on these Quilt-As-You-Go blocks.
It's yet another 
Quilt-As-You-Go method... as there are many... so, 
We will be listing this as one of the workshops for 2016.
Sheila used delicious Art Gallery fabrics mixed with Moda.
All Day Di had come to the assembly part of her Farmer Joe's Quiet Book.
With all the bits and bobs spread out you can see just how much work has been involved... There was a zip to be inserted for the back page, she didn't want to tackle it... But in the end she had to...
 Di did a great job!
Di Butterfly concentrated on her Christmas Stocking for Oscar.
Lots of festive projects are being worked on during the classes now...
If only we had known sooner that there would be another Christmas coming!!!
Merrily is one step ahead... skip Christmas... and go straight over to...
Stained Glass Snowdrops. The first sign of Spring?
Merrily says it's a little tricky to control the tight curves with the Bias Binding and double needle stitching... We have a workshop planned for this method too.. next year.
Brenda Barbara made this Quick Table Topper...
at the beginning choosing bit, she couldn't decide which three festive fabrics to use from her 'collection'... so we decided to throw them all in!!
What a fabulous idea... it looks great eh? just the binding to do now.
My Mum Gwynneth is making these fabulous cushions...
She loves the 3D effects that some designs make.
The cushions, when finished, will freshen up the decor in her jolly-holiday home...
well, I really mean The Caravan! ha ha ha
Wendy popped in to show off her Autumnal Quilt
This is Wendy's very own design and it is, and will forever be, unique!
Each individual leaf has been collected and scanned and printed onto Cotton poplin...
So there's no way another can be made exactly the same.
Toot toot toot Wendy, for your fabulous finish
We snook (?) a little sandwich session in for Jeannette Dilly... Not that the sandwich was little... my goodness it's a big one... we had to pin it in two halves! No points for guessing what she's going to be doing instead of sleeping eh!!
Barbie started work on another gifting quilt...
This is the Pineapple Blossom design A La Bonnie Hunter...
It's one of my most favourite ever designs... I love making these blocks
and so does Barbie, she told me.
Barbie wanted to see the design possibilities.
The same set of blocks used here,...
but both designs will appear like magic, in the finished project.
This will be one of our planned workshops, by request, in 2016
It's quite a long post, I know that... to congratulate you for reaching the end... which you must have done if you are still reading.... I am going to announce this weeks' 'Help me make space discount'... and you know I appreciate it when you help me to make shelf space!!!
For one week then...Starting today, Monday 23rd November..
 I will take 10% off the cost of all bolt cuts from Black And White fabrics... and I have a lot to choose from you know!!! See you soon.... ?

Bendy Bags

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Batik Beauties

I chose these beauties from my huge collection of Batik fabrics...
Did I mention that I love Batik fabric and that there's 10% off  all this week?
Of course I did!...
 I chose this Bargello style pattern from the Moda Bake Shop website...
 though they make it with a Jelly Roll or 4 and I will use yardage... 
because I can.... all I need now is a bit of spare time!

Monday 16 November 2015

Batik Bonanza...

Are you Bonkers for Batiks? 
I am... They look great, they are very easy to work with and smell wonderful when you press them!! I made my Kate Tunic with a beautiful blue Batik
and have plans for at least two more... I LOVE THEM!
Batiks are perfect for applique, especially pictorial projects.. they hardly fray at all making the edges very neat indeed. They are wonderful to piece with too, have you used Batik fabric yet?
This week the delivery guy brought another box full of the most beautiful pastel Batiks... oh dear... my Batik shelves are so very full, and bursting... 
I thought I should let you help me... 
All you would need to do is buy a little bit of beautiful Batik, for your stash enhancement, or for your next project... that would help me sort out a little bit of space, lets see, how can I help you, to help me...
On my shelves and in my terrific trolleys, I have Batiks from many different companies, so they range in price, from £10.00 per metre up to £15.50 per metre... 
10% discount would be quite a good deal, NO?
I think "YES"!
Keep the secret, all for your very own self... or, spread the word to your chums. 
Remember....You will have to tell me that you would like me to discount your Batik bargains by 10%... Only my blog readers will know about the special offer you see, oh... and Facebook folk.. they know too.
See you later?

Sunday 15 November 2015

Stitching News With Tooting

Barbie came wooooshing through the door, a little bit later than she likes, for the start of Friday Quilt Club. Within 5 minutes she was set up to sew, cup of tea in place, and then announced that I needed my camera as she was holding up her latest finished gifting quilt... so I grabbed it and snapped a picture for you
Toot toot toot for your fabulous and finished nautical quilt Barbie!
Jeannette Dilly finished her fabulous quilt top and prepared the backing but it was just too large for us to sandwich. She booked a Sandwich Saturday session and proceded to make this gifting cushion, licketty-split it was finished, zipped back and all!
This is that very large quilt top that Jeannette had finished...
It's one of those WOW projects that you need to see in real life...
It is absolutely fabulous, colours, fabrics and design!!
PM Pam made more blocks for her Gypsy Wife quilt.
 A fabulous and colourful pattern by Jen Kingwell. It's a great pattern for using up little scraps of favourite fabrics, as are most of Jan's patterns, but Pam continues to enhance her stash with a new Fat Quarter or two!!
If ever you need quick homemade gift you would have to go a long way to find anything better than the Quick Table Topper, as we have proved over and over...
Pat's fabric choices are beautiful, all from my very own shop of course!! 
Sister Susie finished all 20 of her Sawtooth Star blocks and set about trimming them... she was amazed to find that very little trimming needed to be done... she's cracked the quarter inch seam!!Susie was able to start joining the blocks together. 
Carol spent a little time quilting her large project then packed it away to work on these cushions.. deep colours as chosen by the lady they will be gifted to...
The Ohio Star block is a favourite of mine... how about you?
Lots of  projects are being made in my very own classroom and, once again, between me forgetting to take pictures and the secret sewing that I am not allowed to share with you... this is your lot for my stitching report! You will just have to pop in to see what's going on for your very own self.

I am in the process of planning our Saturday workshops for 2016.
So, if there's something you would like me to add to my "To Schedule List", whether it's a workshop you have missed and would like me to repeat or something new that we haven't tried yet, just ask... I am not promising that I will be able to please you all but I will try! is my email address. is my shops' facebook link
Of course you could pop in to my very own shop and speak with me in real life!!! ha ha ha

Saturday 14 November 2015

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Fabulous And Finished

I'm just able to pop in to show you some of the fabulous projects completed by our lovely ladies.
Princess Jackie proudly held up her most fabulous and very well finished Christmas quilt. I didn't take any closer pictures for you as I am sure you will see this quilt at Uttoxeter Quilt Show next April, no pressure Jackie!
Toot toot toot, though, toot toot toot-etty toot.
Fran Cupcake finished her beautiful cushion.
Hand embroidered and embellished with lovely buttons...
There's a zip in the back too...
toot toot toot Fran it is fabulous and finished.

Christabelle made this lovely little wall hanging...
Very sweet indeed also hand embroidered!
Fabulous and finished so toot toot toot on your polished trumpet!

New Sue next... fabulous and finished and ready for gifting to a very happy young grand fellow... Apparently he already has seen his quilt and loves it...
 no surprise there eh!!
Toot toot toot Sue, it really is splendid. 
Princess Jackie brought in her finished Angel... tooting!
Started and almost finished at the workshop with Fran Cupcake on Saturday last.
The Angels are very lovely... especially with their hair!
This workshop will be repeated in Spring of 2016
Barbara BEW is inundated with requests for projects.
This little Doll Quilt was a special request and it's now fabulous and finished.
Toot toot toot Barbara
Barbara BEW again...
this is just fabulous... simple squares with chunky sashing,
very very effective!... and looky-look at the back....
Barbara appliqued the little teddies after fussy cutting them from a lovely teddy fabric... that can be found in my very own shop!  Actually, lucky for us...
I think I'm the proud owner of all the fabrics Barbara used!  ha ha ha
Just Edna needs a toot toot toot fanfare too... for her fabulous and finished gifting wall quilt... it's a tricky shape to photograph without getting all sorts things in the way...Luscious with reds and golds... perfect, very tootabubble!

We have been super busy in the classroom and in my lovely shop. There are many secret projects being stitched and... on top of all that, I keep forgetting to get the camera out!! So, enjoy these pictures, who knows when there will be more... ha ha ha