Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Fabulous And Finished

I'm just able to pop in to show you some of the fabulous projects completed by our lovely ladies.
Princess Jackie proudly held up her most fabulous and very well finished Christmas quilt. I didn't take any closer pictures for you as I am sure you will see this quilt at Uttoxeter Quilt Show next April, no pressure Jackie!
Toot toot toot, though, toot toot toot-etty toot.
Fran Cupcake finished her beautiful cushion.
Hand embroidered and embellished with lovely buttons...
There's a zip in the back too...
toot toot toot Fran it is fabulous and finished.

Christabelle made this lovely little wall hanging...
Very sweet indeed also hand embroidered!
Fabulous and finished so toot toot toot on your polished trumpet!

New Sue next... fabulous and finished and ready for gifting to a very happy young grand fellow... Apparently he already has seen his quilt and loves it...
 no surprise there eh!!
Toot toot toot Sue, it really is splendid. 
Princess Jackie brought in her finished Angel... tooting!
Started and almost finished at the workshop with Fran Cupcake on Saturday last.
The Angels are very lovely... especially with their hair!
This workshop will be repeated in Spring of 2016
Barbara BEW is inundated with requests for projects.
This little Doll Quilt was a special request and it's now fabulous and finished.
Toot toot toot Barbara
Barbara BEW again...
this is just fabulous... simple squares with chunky sashing,
very very effective!... and looky-look at the back....
Barbara appliqued the little teddies after fussy cutting them from a lovely teddy fabric... that can be found in my very own shop!  Actually, lucky for us...
I think I'm the proud owner of all the fabrics Barbara used!  ha ha ha
Just Edna needs a toot toot toot fanfare too... for her fabulous and finished gifting wall quilt... it's a tricky shape to photograph without getting all sorts things in the way...Luscious with reds and golds... perfect, very tootabubble!

We have been super busy in the classroom and in my lovely shop. There are many secret projects being stitched and... on top of all that, I keep forgetting to get the camera out!! So, enjoy these pictures, who knows when there will be more... ha ha ha

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