Sunday 19 May 2024

Stitching News

Izzy Whizzy, I've been bizzy! (I know you don't spell Busy like that, it's for artistic purposes) I've had my brain picked almost to it's bones this week. It's amusing how people think I can help with so many things and gosh, what a lot of mathemisms I've done. I've shared a lot of 'let's fix it with a bit of fudging' top tips. Mistakes can easily become creative opportunities to be embraced.
My classroom, as usual, has lots of lovely projects taking shape, quilt shapes of course.

This belongs to Shirley. She's used lots of pins to get those blocks perfectly pieced. Pinwheel blocks are little devils in the centre, all those seams coming together! I think there will be a couple more borders added to make it larger. 

Gail's gifting quilt is fabulous and finished, all but a couple of threads to tie off. The teddy's are all extra tactile with faux trapunto, Gail likes stuffing her applique! We won't see the quilt again as it's off to it's new owner but we can still raise those trumpets to give a Toot toot toot fanfare. 

Christabelle is about to finish the last of these blocks. There are lots and they are all beautiful! The pattern is by Anna Maria Horner and uses reverse applique, Chris quilted her blocks individually and will be using the apartment joining method. 

Rose's workspace looks super organised doesn't it. Lot's of little pieces all labelled up. Rose found the first block ever so tricky, but she's getting the hang of it now and produced two more blocks during class.

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