Monday 13 May 2024

Stitching News

Unfortunately, for one reason and another, our May retreat had to be postponed. It was disappointing to all that were going, obviously, but I'm happy to report that most of the ladies were able to book up mini breaks elsewhere.
Carol had a small brainwave and asked about the possibility of retreating in my very own shop? You know I love to give excellent customer service! I decided we could have a 'Cheat Retreat'.
Coming to class one morning, sew all day and a bit extra, with obligatory nattering and giggles. In the early evening, leaving all sewing paraphernalia in situ, we could go to a local restaurant for dinner then head home, happy. Come back the next day for another lovely, long sewing day. Two whole days of sewing with no need to cart your overnight bag full of clean knickers and no need to worry about the things you may have forgotten because we would be in my very own, lovely quilt shop, super handy!!
We did it, just a few of us, we actually had a lovely few days.
So now It's a thing, A Cheat Retreat will definitely be repeated.
Repeat Cheat Retreat Treat... ha ha, it gets worse!

We had a normal class on Saturday, lots of projects are coming along nicely. Backings were stitched in preparation for Sandwich making, which are booked in for next Saturday because they are huge quilts and will likely need all the tables.

Deb stitched her binding on, both sides by machine, which more folk are tending to do these days, lack of time, sore fingers etc and it's so much more accept-a-bubble than it used to be now that we ignore the quilt police ha! We need those trumpets please. Deb's fabulous and finished quilt needs a Toot toot toot fanfare.

Cheryl had been gifted a pile of Kaffe fabrics. Mostly the same design in lots of colourways. She wasn't sure how to use them so we had a bit of a brainstorm thing and then, lick-etty-split, a new project was started. Eventually, other fabrics invited themselves to the Kaffe Churndash party and it's all looking very exciting.

Deb made this dog/puppy using her Elizabeth Hartman pattern. She wanted to make one block before committing to a larger quilt, a very sensible idea me thinks. Deb used fabrics to make it look like her very own pooch. Once it's quilted it will be made into a rather cute cushion with an invisibubble zip!

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Loved hearing about your Cheat Retreat!