Thursday 2 May 2024

Stitching News

I broke my run on blogging. It is, what it is!
I spent Monday afternoon in my shop, waiting for the Smart Meter guys to come to fit, yet another! smart meter. Did they rock up? Blooming no!!! I have stronger words but I won't shock you with those, ha!
While I was waiting, I cleaned stuff, nooks and crannies- fabric is a very dusty business. I stopped worrying about the dust a long time ago. I try hard to keep on top of it but it is truly impossi-bubble. I never charge extra for the fuzzie layer though! Seriously, I really try hard to keep on top of dust. I even cleaned the windows, thank goodness for Henry, bless him, he helps me a lot! 
I changed the quilts on display which always makes my shop look lovely. Fresh and floral this time.
Once all the cleaning and tidying in my shop had reached it's interesting-ness capacity, I decided to get this beautiful quilt top sandwiched. It took time a plenty, it's a large one! The photo was taken while I was up a ladder, had you guessed? It will be quilted soon.

Meanwhile, in class, I didn't get much opportunity to take photos. Shopping customers come into my lovely shop and I get distracted! The ladies in class pack up at the end of their day and all photo taking opportunities are missed/forgotten by my very good self. We have a lovely time all day and it's not until blog writing time that I see what I didn't do...Take pictures!
Luckily, I took one photo at the start of the day. 
This top belongs to Julie. She started it on Saturday with two Tilda Charm Packs from her fabric stash, there was another round of border strips added after the photo but, the top is finished! Julie has chosen her backing fabric already so there very well might be a Tilda Sandwich making session very soon.

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