Monday 27 October 2008

Sunday Sewday

Yesterday was the first "Sunday Sewday" in the Quilt Cave. Four of us spent a very pleasant day stitching, cutting, ironing, chatting and laughing.... Well, it was certainly better than cleaning, which we all agreed was our usual Sunday 'treat'.
Ursula used her BSR to quilt these fabulous holly leaves on her wreath
Irene got two side triangles sewn onto her 90 x 5" squares... it looked like bunting for a street fair!
It looks like Anabela is saying her Sunday prayers, but she is actually picking up a pile of pins that she knocked off the table.... tee hee

This is Ursula's wreath almost finished...

I made more Pineapple Blossom blocks... 4 more to finish.
I'll put yellow sashing between each block with red squares at each junction...

There will be another "Sunday Sewday" soon.. watch the Quilt Cave Calendar for dates.

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Molly Mandeville Fryer said...

A great couple of quilts there, girl. I am impressed. And "Quilt Cave" is a very creative name. Come see me at