Friday, 3 April 2015

Stitching News

Rose came to make a beautiful sandwich.
Made with lovely colours of fabulous fabrics... shall you guess from where they were purchased? Might you need a hint or clue... Naaa? I thought not.
This is a rather large quilt so Rose has decided that it won't be coming to class to be quilted, it will be stitched at home.
Needless to say, Rose had to start another project! ha.
We had two more ladies come for the Basics For Beginners workshop. They had a lot of fun and most excellent and very helpful top tips were learned...
with just two ladies to teach it was a piece of cake!
They both did ever so well and even prepared the backs with zips!
Two very different colour choices... one from Mum and the other from her daughter... what a lovely way to spend time together! 
Joanna has almost finished quilting all of her blocks...
I think there are 24 or so. She trimmed them all to a cunningly perfect size and chose her sashing which will be used to join the blocks together... the winner was a luscious and rather scrumptious Moda green fabric
This fabric is in my temptation trolleys at the moment...
I love it!!
I cut a metre or so and proceeded to play Hidden Wells.
Oooooh Fabulous, Look what happened...
I hope to work more on this over the upcoming break

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