Tuesday, 31 March 2015

More Fabulous Finishes

Lady Judith finished her kiddo quilts...
This one's obviously for William! Did you guess?
 Toot toot toot Judith it's lovely with beautiful hand embroidery too.
The pattern is from one of our Art to Heart books
This one is exactly the same but WOW they look different don't they.
Not just that it's for Edward! ha ha ha. It just shows how unique quilts can be with all the fabulous fabrics we can get these days. More tooting then for Lady Judith...

PM Pam's turn for a toot toot toot fanfare for her fabulous and finished Stargazy Daisiez quilt. As you can no doubt see, Pam had great fun with her fabric placement.The Daisez block was a workshop a while ago and we should be repeating it in the Autumn... if you're interested?

This is the back of Pam's Daisiez... What a fantastic backing!!!
I often receive phone calls asking whether I stock the extra wide backing fabrics... here's a perfect example of why I choose not to...
We can have loads of fun with quilt backs!!!

Toot toot toot for Gail's fabulous and finished quilt. Unique as it's Gail's very own design... Of course I helped but that was just the technical stuff and mathemisms! ha ha ha. The photo had to be taken with the quilt held sideways on as it's very long and neither Jean Bean nor Gail are very long!!!
here's the back of Gail's tootable quilt... well... this in only half of it as it's folded in half so you will have to take my word about the fabulous-ness! toot toot toot Gail. A wonderful job has been done on this commissioned quilt.
Christabelle finished another kiddy quilt... she used an 'About A Boy' panel making it a very interesting playmat with lots of pictures and details to talk about...
and that's just the adults! ha.
Toot toot toot Christabelle, just fabulous!
Annbacan made covers for her memory quilts so that they can be used as cushions and with the left over fabrics she made a cushion to match, the one on the left is the cushion and the one on the right is the quilt cover-cushion! We're tooting for Ann...
Here's Annbacan's last cushion that's really a quilt cover... blimey it sounds complicated but I hope you follow... Whatever your thoughts about my confusing rambles... it's yet another fabulous  and finished project for todays perky post!

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