Saturday, 21 March 2015

Stitching News

This fabulous Bunny is one year old, even though he is no where near finished!
It's his birthday, Lady Judith decided he might enjoy a few hours of cosmetic surgery... with a few rows of pinning and machine stitching he was well on his way to completion... but there was no promise about being ready in time for this Easter! ha
Giggly Gillian finished her quilting, made binding and stitched it on. She always likes a little help for the joining bit at the end/beginning of the binding...
So, I had a lovely email from Ursula, in Germany, that I would like to share with you... it's a little bit like blowing my own trumpet but hey... makes me happy!!!

Hi Angela,
First I thought to write on your wall in facebook, but then I was not so sure, whether you like that or not. So I thought it is better like this and you can decide if this is private or public.
I read your blog everyday, but now I wanted exact help. And I found it. And it was so wonderful and easy to follow and you made me so very happy.
I made the mitred corners with your very clever guidance!! They turned out beautiful!!!
Then I fiddled and struggled as always, with the end of the binding. But when I followed you today, exactly and step by step, it was so easy and turned out so wonderful! You are a very amazing good teacher and I thank you very much. I thank your for your help and your blog every day.
Thank you Ursula, in Germany, you made my day!! I hope we will be treated to a photo of your finished project?.x

Krafty Karen spent a giggle filled day quilting...
If I remember correctly, this quilt will be gifted very soon. Alas we have no more of this alphabet panel left in stock, just in case you were wondering... as you do!! he he he

Jolly Jo brought in her brand new, yet almost antique, blocks with the full intention of finishing a quilt. It took a few ponderous moments to remember what the plan could have been all those years ago but... it's all happening now... decisions were made!

Gail had finished all the stabilising quilting so was able to go around those circles in no particular order... it's quite heavy on the shoulders going round circles so Gail can do a few each session without worrying, the blocks will not be shifting... this technique works every time... stabilizing the blocks means that the borders can be quilted and the binding can be finished completely... then we can go back to do the more fiddly quilting.

Princess Jackie also brought in a neglected quilting job...
It's been pinned and waiting for some months... lots of us do that while we decide how on earth we want to quilt this big thing! Do you?
Good progress was made too, Jackie decided and marked up each block with a Clover Chaco Marker... wonderful little invention!! and yes I do! ha 
Close your mouth!!! ha ha ha
Jackie's most favourite stitching thing to do is Applique, you must have noticed that?
She's completed many, many purchase patterns over time but now...
she's gone all arty-farty and is designing her very own projects, and this one, now a sandwich, is just amazing!! I said... 
Close your mouth!!! ha ha ha
Lovely Lyn also spent her wonderful day in my fun filled classroom, quilting.
Lyn is one of the few ladies that enjoys Free-Motion quilting... this is the back of Lyn's quilt... which is actually her favourite side...
This is the front, or rather top of Lyn's quilt... she announced that she doesn't like it at all... she might very well call it the back when it's all bound and finished...
 PMS... Pleasing My Self... very much encouraged in my world!!

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