Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Stitching News

Krafty Karen made her sandwich and spent quality time quilting.
The're always laughing over on the window table...
what a great way to spend a day!
Farmer Lynda made a sandwich...Picnic anyone?
This fun pattern is in a magazine, sorry I don't remember which one, and the quilt will be gifted to a very lucky fellow.
Paula purchased this panel so all that was needed was to add the two border strips... so she also made a sandwich! Good progress was made on the quilting too.
Di Butterfly brought in a piece of fabric to ask for ideas of how to use it.
There's lots of this kind of picture fabric available.
She chose to make personalised bunting for Oscar.
Sister Sue was very happy to have added the final border on her Railfence design, Table Runner. Next time she comes there will be a need for sandwich making... all great and necessary skills!
Fiona, Sister Sue's sister, also finished her Railfence design Table Runner.
Sometimes folk know exactly where they will use their beginner project so the choice of fabrics needs to co-ordinate... 
Beautiful blues.
Peggy decided to do her quilting lines diagonally. She draws them with an air erasable pen first, to have a line to follow... If you have ever used the Sewline Air Erasable pen you'll know it disappears quickly so it has to be done one line at a time
Morning Josie added two zips to her cushion backs and finished the lovely cushions ready for gifting. She's going to dabble with applique next...
Toot toot toot Josie... fabulous and finished cushions!
Joan The Shop is working on a  commissioned project.
5 Kaleidoscope block cushions...
some are sandwiched already and the quilting has begun.
Barbie's Kaleidoscope blocks are now a quilt sandwich... Can you tell that Barbie is a big fan of green? ha ha She was making this quilt all for her very own self but, as usual she's decided to give it to a friend, but there are hours of quilting to be done yet.
Toot toot toot... A fanfare for a fabulous and finished quilt.
Congratulations on finishing this quilt, Auntie June!
It's been a long and windy road but well worth sticking to it... Perfectly Purple!
Here's the back of Auntie June's quilt...
you can see just how much quilting has been done better from the back and I wanted you to see that.... it's Perfectly Purple too!

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