Sunday, 12 April 2015

Stitching News

Not many pictures for Stitching News today... me forgetting to take photos... and there have been many great opportunities... life's busy-ness and my shop's busy-ness all have aided the lack of blog fodder... but here are the few I did manage to capture  
Jeannette Dilly very proudly held up her finished quilt top.
This has not been a problem free project... recently the decision was made to unpick and re-make that large centre star 
with new fabrics!!... she just did it...
"Hats off" to Jeannette for perseverance, determination and sheer stubbornness

"I will not be beaten by a quilt top"
Fiona Too was taking her time with Stitching-in-the Ditch of her inner border strip...
It's a 1" cut strip so finishes at only a half inch wide...  It looks fabulous Ditch stitched on both sides, of course... 'ditch hopping' looks great too! ha ha
Sister Sue is at the very same stage as Fiona Too.
Taking great care to get those stitches as close to the ditch as possible.
Now she knows why Shadow Quilting is so popular... it's much easier to do and far more forgiving.... Matching thread colours to the border fabric strip is a great top tip!
Farmer Lynda finished her applique ducks... very sweet, they came to life once the tiny eyes were stitched, ahhhhh. Right, after a few ideas were tossed about for quilting, Lynda marked a few lines with a water soluble pen then used an iron on, tear away stabilizer to write words. They will be stitched through... no decision was made for the question... machine stitching or hand embroidery? Either way, it will be fabulous... I am sure of that.

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