Monday, 20 April 2015

Stitching News

Morning Josie layered her little owl and made him into a sandwich...
Owl sandwiches? Oh my.... he he he
Good progress was made on the quilting during the class
Jeannette Dilly's quilt is fabulous, large and quite a hefty weight. She'll have muscles like Popeye's at this rate... thank goodness for the large 'hole' and great lighting on her Juki HZL 600 Exceed sewing machine... the 'humping' will all be worth while... what an amazing site this quilt will be on her bed!!
Di Butterfly also sandwiched her little quilts and started her quilting.
This delightful design, beach and huts, is not from a purchased pattern, oh no... it's Di's very own design! How very Arty-farty eh... We've decided that she found her wings, I wonder what she will come up with next?
Brenda Barbara's work table is full of bright prints... 
with co-ordinating, no...actually... well matching magnetic pin cushion! 
I see it now... I missed that until now looking at my photo! 
Brenda's quilt blocks are coming along a treat.
Diane's latest quilt top is almost done. She's going to personalise it but I can't remember whether it will be with applique or with shadow quilting...
ooooh... we will have to wait to see that!
This is a free pattern from the marvelous Moda Bake Shop, we tweaked the pattern sizes so Di could incorporate the About A Girl panel.
Annette came shopping, she needed help choosing sashing fabrics for her Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope blocks and I think we cracked it. A few ideas bounced about with a few mathemisms and all was sorted... beautiful blocks!
It's such a treat when customers bring back their projects to show how they got on making them... We try ever so hard to help whether it's designing, math or fabric choices... and I think the customers see that and feel we are part of their process. Toot toot toot, this play mat is fabulous and finished and deserves one of our fanfares!

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