Friday 1 May 2015

Stitching News

It's another picture heavy post. Trying to catch up with what's been going on in my lovely little shop and creative classroom... of course this is only a sample of our production as I don't always remember to get the camera out. 
Funny thing though... every now and again customers remind me,
"Angie, get your camera, you need to take pictures for the blog" bless em... and thank you ladies.
Here we go...
Christabelle finished her lovely Log Cabin blocks quilt top
 Little applique hearts will be stitched to the centre of each block
This quilt will be gifted.
Princess Jackie's fabulous and finished Easter Bunny wall hanging.
He is quite lovely isn't he!
Toot toot toot Jackie
New Sue spied an opportunity to make a Tulip sandwich.
This quilt will be a large wall hanging and is a keeper...
Sue's making it all for her very own self!
PM Pam's latest project... little Beatrix Potter squares, purchased on t'Interweb, with lovely modern fabric squares to liven them up a bit...
they blend and compliment each other love-lilly!
Clare was super happy to have finished the quilting on her memory quilts. She had the binding ready and waiting as she made it weeks ago, so both quilts could be bound in the one session. Lots of hand stitching to be done now.
Jean Bean started a new project. It's always a good idea to make a tester block before cutting into your 'good stuff' especially when you want to use a pre-cut, like a Charm Pack. There might be a better way to produce your blocks accurately and efficiently... as Jean discovered... top tips available in my very own classroom!
Di Butterfly brought in her fabulous and finished totally tootable, beach hut applique pillow... I hope you can see the little quilted Seagulls... What a smart pillow!
Peggy is making this quilt for the Donna Louise Trust. She's made kiddy quilts for them before but this time she thought she would make a quilt suitable for a teanager... these funky fabrics should do the trick.
Diane had her first attempt at machine applique...
she enjoyed doing it AND remembered to breath while stitching
Our favoured method for applique is sticky stuff and blanket stitch
Brenda Barbara has piles! ha ha ha
Piles of large blocks as they finish at something like 14" each. Brenda spread them out and, I can tell you, they look fabulous, girly and bright!
Sheila also has piles... piles of puffs!
Don't they look lovely with the little buttons stitched to the centres...
they will all be stitched onto a very posh tote bag soon enough.,
Sometimes customers come to class with a pile of pre-purchased fabric and ask
"What can I make with these?... but I want it to be quick and easy!"
This design is one good answer and in only one full day class,
a very happy and satisfied customer!

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