Sunday 3 May 2015

Stitching News

Sporty Sue finished this quilt a few months ago.
It was to be gifted and, in the end, there wasn't quite enough time for it to come back to visit us for a toot toot toot fanfare... Sue's lovely friend, to whom it was gifted, allowed her new quilt to come over for a photo session so we can now give one of our 
 famous (?)  fabulous and finished fanfares. toot toot-etty toot
Look how Sue quilted the borders, I love it!!
This is also Sporty Sue's... she made a her hexagon quilt just so that she can do big stitch quilting... I told you we had had lots of 'lookers'. What lovely colours and fabric Sue used... they're not all from my very own shop, some were 'pre-purchased', but my fabrics were "very much needed to complete the beauty"... words spoken by Sue... to stop me from sulking! ha ha ha
Barbie came sailing in, full of beans for her favourite day of the week...
Friday Quilt Club. Unfortunately she had forgotten to bring her project bag... she decided that no time would be wasted and she was not going home to fetch it... 
Not wanting to start another quilt to add to her list of things waiting to be finished, Barbie made two extra long, fully reversible and very lovely aprons with pockets to boot.
Oooooh isn't this fabulous. It's Just Edna's latest quilt being sandwiched, all hands on deck. Traditional and modern ideas all mixed up... such wonderful colours and beautiful fabrics... do you know from where Edna purchased them?... I do.. he he he
This super sandwich belongs to Diane. The little picture squares and most of the other fabrics are  from the very popular About A Girl range. The pattern is free from Moda Bake Shop, though we did do some 'mathemisms' to change the sizes and, as you can see, Diane personalised it with her very first 'sticky stuff and blanket stitch' applique
A Still Life Mug Rug
I can't tell you how much I love this little quilt. It was a pattern in Quilters World Quilts For A Rainy Day. PM Pam made this one,
 yes it is a small quilt, no matter the size... it's fabulous and it's finished... Toot toot toot!
Bank Holiday weekend... My lovely, full to bursting with stock, little quilt shop will be closed all day on Monday and open on Tuesday 5th. On display in my very own classroom/shop I have the 1st prize winning wall hanging quilt made by our very own Princess Jackie... pop in if you haven't seen it... it's a-maze-ing!!

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