Saturday 16 May 2015

I Have Project Envy!

Last week I received my shipment of Jen Kingwell patterns and books... I have a pitty-patting heart for these patterns, I love them!! As, it seems, do some of my customers... order number two is ready to be sent off! These lovely little blocks belong to New Sue... she couldn't wait to get started. Jen's patterns are perfect for scraps and oddments of fabric, in a recent interview, Jen says she is a scrappy quilter. If you don't have many scarps, a great idea is to purchase a Layer Cake or equivalent... that would give you 40 or so different fabrics to start with... That's exactly what Sue did, tempted by my Layer Cake clearance sale... oh man, now I have project envy!!! I don't have time to get started on my Jen Kingwell quilt... 
My first pattern choice is the Gypsy Wife ... Oh my... pitty patty-pitty-patty, can you hear it?? 
If you think that your scraps are too tiny for a specific design or pattern, there's always a Crumb Quilt, then there's the Mile-A-Minute quilt, quilts from Strings.... fun can be had with scraps and today, 8 lovely ladies will see it for their very own selves!!... rest assured there will be pictures for you!!

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