Saturday, 9 May 2015

Stitching News

Well... I do mean to keep news flowing for you here but there's so much to look and so much to read about once I click to connect to t'interweb... I am having so much fun compiling lists of projects and quilts to make... see this is why I'm safer not using my computer AT ALL! he he...
 Still, it's only a blog and you know that eventually I will get you caught up on the stitching news eh... so no real apologising here... OK?

Our prize winning Princess Jackie finished this perfectly pretty pram quilt top. She had started this by just sewing thin strips of fabric together.. the design just happened when she chopped up the strip sets... the beautiful Art Gallery pink fabric to the right of the quilt top will be used for Jackie's backing
New Sue spent her day quilting tulip blocks. 
Some time using her walking foot and the rest of the time using her darning foot with the feed dog down... just like free motion quilting... it's not that cold in my classroom, those gloves help control the quilting design.
Gail continues to quilt her Beautiful, and not too green, bargello quilt.
Diagonal lining following the ups and downs of the design... from one side to the other.. Oh no... are we allowed to do that?? Hey, PMS (Pleasing My Self) is always encouraged in my classroom!

Giggly Gillian started this Twister Heart cushion front last week....
Lick-e-tty-Split it's already quilted... She has enjoyed all the fiddly drawing and cutting, so much so that there's another Twister Heart cushion almost done too.
 Gifts of cushions for everyone? Oh yes...

Krafty Karen added border strips to her cushions, 3 I think, no 4, actually... I think she made 5, oh yes... and a little one... every time she thought she had finished, she found enough strips to make more, well, whatever number she ends up with... she's loving making them... and I sold 5 zips so far in preparation for the backs, at 25p each, wooo hooo, profits must be up!
Fran wanted to make a simple block for her sampler quilt.
 'Just joining squares' fit the bill perfectly... they still needed to be cut accurately and stitched together in the right order.. the seams still needed to be matching etc. but, because there were no triangles involved, Fran thought it was a very easy block!
Fiona Too added the two borders to her cushion before preparing her sandwich and making a good start on the shadow quilting. 

Sister Sue also made a sandwich after adding a single wider border...
 see more PMS, everyone can please their very own self!
Mystery Margaret purchased one of the bargain Layer Cakes as soon as she came through the door for Friday Quilt Club... by the end of the day she had them stitched together to make a double bed quilt... the hardest part was deciding the order of the squares! The second hardest bit was sticking to the original plan, he he he
This is why Mystery Margaret started a new project...
Toot toot toot, this is her fabulous and finished, and rather large, bed quilt.
Inspired by a quilt she saw whilst on her Jolly Holidays a while ago...
quite a while ago I think. It's lovely Margaret!
Not everyone can get to my shop for a fabulous and finished fanfare with their quilts before they will be gifted... but we love to receive a fanfare don't we!
Fruity Rose sent me her very own fabulous and finished quilt photo...
Toot toot toot Rose, you made a lovely quilt.

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