Wednesday 20 May 2015

Stitching News With Tooting

Let's give a very loud toot toot toot fanfare for Gail's fabulous and finished Bento Box quilt. Quilted skillfully on her very own domestic sewing machine... which happens to be a Juki HZL f600... It's a huge quilt and is now ready for a special label to be added before it will be gifted.
Another blast on the tooting trumpet, this time for Christabelle with her fabulous and finished, extremely pink and perfect, kiddy quilt... toot toot toot Chris, and wow I love your Prairie Points! This quilt will be gifted very soon.
Fruity Rose wanted to use spring like colours for her Twister Heart cushion.... don't you love it when a plan comes together!! Rose says this is exactly the way she planned it to look. Toot toot toot Rose... love it!
This is the back of Rose's cushion... We're no going to start tooting for zips just yet... I wanted to show you that the covered zip backings are so easy to do that almost every cushion made in my very own classroom has one!
Brenda Barbara took full advantage of having spare tables nearby to add borders to her very wonderful quilt top. It's quite a big quilt made with lovely, large, 14 inch, blocks... I feel a sandwich session is imminent.
Barbara Bew started a new project. Armed with a piece of her curtain  fabric to co-ordinate with , she chose the fabrics for a Quick Table Topper... but we changed it a bit... there will be an Ohio Star in the centre and the runner will be wider and longer... 
hmmm, actually we changed it quite a lot! ha ha ha

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