Sunday 24 May 2015

Stitching News

Sporty Sue came to make her Hexagon Sandwich... The idea originally, was this Jelly Roll pattern from Moda Bake Shop, I made one, though I changed and tweaked the design and hand quilted it with Big Stitch Quilting then, I put it on my very own, classroom wall... Sue was inspired to have a go, it is, I promise, quite easy to make. Sue's strips were 2 1/4" wide though. She will also be doing Big Stitch Quilting.. isn't it wonderful to inspire others!
I already posted and requested a toot toot toot fanfare for Christablelle's  perfectly-pink, fabulous and finished kiddy quilt, it will be gifted to a soon to arrive baby ... now Christabelle made a cot bumper to match... oh this lady is very inspirational!! Look at the quilted teddies!! Toot toot toot Chris it's another fabulous finish.
Lou Lou finished two more cushions for her new sofa, toot toot toot, they are finished and fabulous AND have zips!! Lou Lou's going to take a break from making cushions now, otherwise she will need another new sofa for sitting on! ha ha ha
Breaking my rules now, if you don't mind... Barbie has almost finished this quilt, the binding needs hand stitching... but the quilt will be gifted Lick-etty-Split so we probably won't see it again... we could tweet, tweet, tweet for a fabulous, almost finished, quilt I think. tee hee. It's a Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt, and, as you know, we love them!
Jeannette Dilly needs us to tweet tweet tweet too... not quite finished as there are thread ends to be sorted out but it's certainly a fabulous quilt. This fun project will be gifted before Jeannette comes again so we will break the tooting rules for her. 
Jeanette Milly has another fabulous, scrappy, quilt top almost ready to be sandwiched. There'll be another strip of the sashing fabric added to all sides, I guess we can call it the borders eh!
Jeanette is a big fan of multi fabric quilts.
Morning Josie finished her applique poppies. She dithered about stitching those grassy lines... not sure that she was able to do them well enough... she didn't want to spoil things, blaaa... as you can see, she can, and she did, they look great... this cushion will be fabulous!
Jeannette Dilly is quilting this large, and fabulous, quilt... one stage at a time...
 or should I say one star at a time... and there are lots of stars!
 Look at the next picture, you will be amazed...
In the planning stage, this quilt was going to be sent to a Long Arm quilter but, after a little confidence boost given by my very own self (you could call it interfering?) The plan was to quilt it on Jeannette's Juki HZL f600, with threads that would show up the rather fabulous design on the back... looking great eh?
Brenda Barbara used her Bonus Half Square Triangles to make this panel for the quilt backing. There were more than enough to get a good, wide panel. Next, the left over fabrics were trimmed and squared to size, they will be stitched to either side of the chevron panel... this way, Brenda only needed to purchase one WOF to make a huge pieced backing... I'll show you when it's done.
Farmer Lynda is making a tote bag using a pattern from a magazine. She carefully marked out her quilting lines, stitched them, then trimmed all sides... like making a quilt, just like a quilt, but it's a tote bag... I'll show you when it's finished, not If it gets finished... am I right Lynda? he he he

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