Wednesday 27 May 2015

Quilty Quarters

Molly helped me take arty-farty pictures
I've been playing working hard in my Quilty Quarters over this little mini-break from shop life... though stitching the back of my binding by hand on this quilt has been done whilst luxuriating on my very own, very comfortable sofa... by the big window with the most beautiful daylight, late into the evening... don't you love the long days of summer?
It's a wonder there's room to sit on my sofa actually... it is quite laden with cushions, I love cushions!
So then... this quilt is finished and, although it was not made for gifting or selling... it is sold!
When I saw someone loved it so much, how could I have refused?
It's 100% quality cotton and feels super soft, as always with the beautiful Art Gallery Fabrics...
Machine washabubble and it's OK to tumble dry it so it can be used and used without a worry.
This is the back... two quilts in one really. The fabrics on the back are from all over the place... the pinky-purple setting triangle fabric I remember, is from Fernando Maluhy in Brazil but it would take me forever to remember where all those fabrics came from for the Scrappy Trip Around The World blocks...

Am I allowed to request a toot toot toot, fabulous and finished fanfare for my very own self... Oh yes, Of course I am... will you join me.. toot toot tooot-etty tooot

This afternoon I should be able to grab another hour or two for another session of Juki Beast quilting. I aim to finish this quilt today but I know better than to say it... after several luxurious days of stitching there are things that really need to be done... My lovely little quilt shop opens as normal tomorrow so I will be there, as normal, ha ha ha

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