Friday 15 May 2015

Stitching News

Lady Judith's latest quilt top is almost ready... She's going to personalise it by adding an applique name across the wider bit near the top, Like All Day Di did on hers... isn't it great to inspire others?... there's always a little inspiration in my classroom!
Just Jan spent her afternoon quilting her pretty, cottage-y quilt with her walking foot. Following the patchwork design was tricky though, deciding which way to go next at almost every junction? Jan decided that it will be easier to use a large tacking stitch to map out the route... so that was going to be done, at home.
Annbacan has a bumper commission project... yup, both meanings of 'a bumper'! A cot bumper, a quilted rocking chair cushion, rocking chair quilt and pocketed back, a quilted moses basket set and and and, the list goes on... this little quilt is almost done... tick number one on the list!
Princess Jackie had purchased this Jelly Roll a long time ago and decided to get it used... another lovely customer inspired by my very own and rather fabulous-o Strippy Hexagon quilt... Jackie is going to quilt hers with Big Stitch Quilting too... my new Perle Cotton selection is fabulous for that job

Giggly Gillian says that she really enjoys making the little Twister Heart quilts. She's making gifting cushions with them, with zipped backs of course... one cushion is for her sister and the other one will be gifted to her very own self!
I like her style, he he he

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