Monday, 15 April 2019

Visitors Choice!

Toot toot toot!!! Toot toot-etty-Toot!
Our Rose won Visitors Choice at Uttoxeter Quilt Show, how absolutely Fantastic.
I am feeling very proud. Rose didn't want to enter a quilt at all but PM Pam and a few others insisted she did it... and now... She won! 
Hundreds and hundreds of visitors voted over the three days... 
Such a lot of lovely competition quilts and Our Rose won with her Moorland Hares... 
Hare-ray! Hare-ray!!
No less than 23 quilts entered into the 2019 show were my customers' works of art. Not one of them entered their quilt because they wanted to.
Every single lady to persuaded that their project WAS GOOD ENOUGH after I received a call from the show organizers, well after the original deadline has passed, that they would have liked a few more quilt entries.
I set about convincing folk that I would deliver and return the quilts to and from the show. I would also remove all judges comments before returning them... Gosh, I even offered to pay the entrance fees!!!
I'm just saying this in hopes of encouraging you for next year... because all of the judges comments were positive and constructive. All of the show visitors loved seeing the plethora of different works and all of my ladies, well...  those that I have had feedback from so far, have said that although they felt very nervous entering their quilts, they WILL do it again next year as they had thoroughly enjoyed the experience, over all.
So, it's now here in writing...
All of us will be entering quilts next year... BEFORE the official closing date for 2020! Won't we ladies??!!

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