Monday, 29 April 2019

Stitching News With Tooting

A Quilt Of Dwights
LouLou was so happy to add the last few stitches to this gifting project.
Each Dwight has been quilted separately then joined together with his bright and cheery chums with the addition of those wonderfully liberating, sashing strips. Lou Lou found them a little tricky but she stuck with it and now we can Toot Toot Toot for her fabulous and finished quilt

Look how quirky the back is!!!
Spectacles! One pair for each Dwight... fun eh!
Well done Lou Lou, you ate this elephant, one bit at a time!! x

Toot toot toot also for Christabelle's fabulous and finished gifting quilt... a play mat actually as Chris has given specific instruction that the quilt should be well used even if, and especially if, it's played with on the floor. Washing instructions are on the back... cotton washes and dries so well. This quilt will be going to live in a furrin land... how exciting.

We had a wonderful Sunday Funday Sewday. Great atmosphere, fabulous Chinese style food and really lovely people... even the weather improved it's very own self! This picture is mine, a quilt I started years ago... I've knocked the dust off it and decided to get it done... It took me ages to remember what the plan was for the borders!! I could do PMS... Pleasing My Self, and I just might!

This quilt has been going even longer than my bright one... It's the complete opposite too. Subtle shades of cream made it tricky to see but that fabulous Long Arm quilting stands out a treat... I wonder whether Kate's Lynda will finish her long time quilt before I finish mine?

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