Thursday 27 November 2008

Quilt Class

I almost forgot to take any pictures at Quilt Class. Amalia used her paper pieced tree to make a table place mat. By adding uneven widths of log cabin pieces she was able to make it rectangular. Amalia is considering doing free motion quilting on this small project. Anita made a sample of the Jeans Circle quilt. She has been saving jeans for a while now. We were laughing at the thought of her husband having lots of pairs of shorts next summer, as Anita trims off the excess from his jeans, ha ha ha This is my jeans quilt from the front. The centre squares are mainly indian silk, I thought it was a great contrast. This one is a sofa throw and it gets softer with time, as jeans do. and the back... I made this quilt two years ago from jeans which seemed to have shrunk over the years. It doesn't have any batting and it's very heavy.

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