Friday, 11 December 2020

One For A Baby

You know how it is... a new baby arrives for someone you know and you think... Yes!! I love making quilts for babies, they are cute and small and fast to make... the quilt not the baby. So I asked whether I could make a baby play mat sort of quilt. Of course I can, that would be lovely. Not too bright though, new mummy and daddy like neutral colours, pffft. They obviously don't know me!! ha ha ha

There were panels of Alphabet fabric in my shop quite a while ago. My Mum made one of those panels into bunting to show customers a good making idea. Needless to say we sold out of the panels quite quickly so the bunting became surplus to requirements. I've unpicked all the bunting, It was very well made with a backing and stabilizer to make it firm, so it was a bit of a job, a blooming messy bitty job actually.

I know there are lots of colours but I think they are muted, muted brights. I added a very pale blue striped fabric to each picture edge to help straighten them, these panels never print straight enough do they. Adding the beige sashing helps with the 'neutral' request doesn't it, ha! 

I was quite please with the progress and decided not to add a border, mostly because I didn't have anything that would complement... though that there Ikea carpet looked/looks good eh? I might use that border idea in another project, thank you for that Ikea!

The sandwich happened yesterday. As you can see I added more sashing and corner stones round the edge in place of a 'real' border. In my home stash, I found a large enough piece of beige bubble fabric for the backing and a remnant of wadding in my big box, hooray for smaller quilts!
So, where am I up to? I have quilted it but just as I thought I had finished, I decided to quilt a bit more. These baby play mats need a lot of washing and tumble drying so it will help it last a bit longer. I'll take pics for you again when it's finished.

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