Sunday, 29 April 2018

Stitching News

Jean Bean finished another baby play mat. The design is Attic Windows and we find it ever so clever how the 3D effect is achieved. Just two fabrics of different value and a thin sashing, which can be any colour at all.

You can guess from this little, traditional ditty that the quilt will be gifted to a little fellow once he pops into the world... this is the back of Jean's play mat.Toot toot toot Jean Beano, It's a fabulous, fun finish.

PM Pam took a little creativity from our Beano and decided to make her baby play mat double sided too... these two fronts were made into a double 'A' side sandwich so Pam's probably quilting as I write this blogpost.

Although Pam could be quilting this one... yup... she made two quilt sandwiches and both were for double sided projects... This great rainbow of colour was inspired by the fabric with the little rainbows on it.

Our Carol was able to used a few of the large tables during Sewing Sunday... On-Point settings are always easier to follow if we see them spread out... and a bright and purple-y beauty it is indeed. I believe this top is now ready to be made into a sandwich. 
Not a great amount of pictures this time as we have been super busy in the shop... on top of that, there were over 40 new fabrics delivered and I had to fit it all in somewhere... so time was spent re-arranging... we can't find anything again now! ha ha ha

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