Saturday, 5 May 2018

Fabulous And Finished

Susan tricked me! I gave a toot toot toot fanfare for her fabulous and finished wall hanging, complete with a hanging sleeve... I do love this wall hanging and it's perfect for this time of the year but... when I saw Susan folding it up ready to go home I noticed all the ends that needed tying and threading on the back... Sneaky Susan! ha ha ha

Princess Jackie finished her gifting cushion... such a cutie... and with a perfectly placed zip on the back (you had to be there!)... can you zoom in to see the little tufty bits on the elephant tails? Toot toot toot Jackie, for a fabulous and very finished, cute cushion.

New Sue is next up with her fabulous and finished gifting quilt... it's a simple design made beautiful by the lovely fabrics Sue chose to use... fabrics make all the difference really.... so as we give out atoot toot toot fanfare for Sue's wonderful quilt....

Look what New Sue did on the back! More and more folk are inspired to make great backings for their quilts, lots are including meaningful words, rhymes and names...  letters are fun!!!

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