Friday, 18 May 2018

Finished And Fabulous

Mrs. P was delighted with her finished cushion. Though she was most definitely not a beginner, she wanted to make our Beginner Cushion to brush up on her skills... sort of back to basics you might say. There's a lot to learn... there's always a lot to learn... but only if you want to!

There you go Mrs. P... you have a fabulous and finished cushion, just like you wanted, and it deserves a fanfare... Toot toot toot 

Gail also finished her cushion... she's involved on our cushion bombing thing coming up soon... did I mention how excited we are about our cushion bombing... now I hear there will be a murder!!! oh my?

 Gail, your lovely cushion, complete with concealed zip, qualifies for a fabulous and finished fanfare Toot toot toot... hope it's not taken as evidence!

Merrily declared this to be her last cushion! I asked why and she replied
"I only need 6 cushions"... well, it is fabulous and finished and needs a fanfare of toot toot tooting, but... 6 cushions? for me... not enough!!!

Margaret's Stag quilt finished and fabulous from last Thursday. It's been about a year or more in the making so she was super chuffed to see it completed. Toot toot toot Margaret.

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