Monday, 7 September 2015

Zips, Zips... Glorious Zips

An Inspiring Rainbow of Zips
No blog since Wednesday.... Oooooh I must have been having fun doing other things then... Not sure I would call those 'other things' fun but I was doing them! ha.. I thought I would show you my warehouse visit purchases... I am now fully stocked AGAIN with Bendy Bag patterns... complemented by a huge selection of wonderful, extremely colourful craft zips.
Autumnal Sun Stripes!
I think the warehouse folk were wondering what I was up to as I wiped them out of some of the colours!!
We need them, so I took them.
All of these zips are 14" long... perfect for Bendy Bags and... by sewing a few stitches through the zip at the length you need and chopping any extra bits off... they are perfect for all your crafty, zippy makes...

I sew a bit of matching fabric to the end- and the other end making the zip longer when needed to
After years and years of zip phobia.... I now want to put zips in everything!!! yeeeeha!

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