Sunday, 20 September 2015

Stitching News

Let's start with a fabulous and finished fanfare for our very own, Jean Bean... toot toot toot. This quilt has been made as a special request, a commissioned project. Pink, but not too pinky pink, cute and interesting with those beautiful pictures from the About A Girl collection... Lovely quilt Jean... and finished quite lick-etty-split too!
Barbara BEW finally finished her Twister Heart Cushion... This lady has stamina!!! It's easy to get in a muddle with this pattern IF you don't follow top tips and advice from wise people... that's those who have already made it... next time maybe, the top tips will be followed? No matter now... it's a fabulous and finished cushion, with a zip in the back... toot toot toot
Just Jan added the final few Piano Key strips to her sides and conjured up lovely corner stones to tie the sides together. Before sandwich time can be achieved... next comes a huge decision... what to put on the back, hmmm.
PM Pam will be needing us to hold up our polished fanfare trumpets..Yet another fabulous, finished quilt has been hung on my very own classroom wall... I love love love this quilt... as do many other customers... Pam has inspired a lot of people. Although it's a very well known and simple design, Pam used her Jen Kingwell book for all the instructions, once we put them right that is... he he he
Maid Marion got her very own self in a little pickle... she had forgotten how to do sticky stuff applique... forgotten what she had decided to do with the blocks and, forgotten how lovely these Snowman Collector blocks are... we sorted out all those little details so, now she's on a roll and remembers a lot!
There's a lady customer who pops in almost weekly for a bit more blue fabric or a bit more Bella Solid background fabric... Looking at this picture of her work, you could be forgiven for thinking she's Old School... been quilting for years etc... She is a Beginner, this is her first attempt!... She's teaching her very own self to do patchwork!!!! Boy she must be a good teacher!!! ha ha ha either that or she is a very good student to her very own teaching! Beautiful work

Lorna has done a lovely job with her fabulous, festive applique blocks... she's enjoyed  stitching them too. There are a few more borders to be added yet... Even though the pattern tells us the size of the finished project... we are often surprised how big it actually is... Lorna is surprised too... but it's not a problem, there will be more quilt to love!

LouLou decided to have a go at making a bag. For this particular one, which I have made for my very own self, My Mum Gwynneth has made and Lady Judith has almost finished making... the cutting took up more time than we expected... like lots of bag patterns though, once all the pieces are cut... from fabric, wadding and interfacing, the rest is plain sailing... of course that depends which boat you get on!!
It's been a rubbish week for photo taking... I have been so very distracted by lovely ladies and lovely projects and fabric deliveries and pattern deliveries and bag making furniture deliveries... and running my very own shop and my very own classroom and my very own home life... which went pear shaped when the tumble dryer broke... unmendabubble!!! I've only had it for 17 years!!!! ha ha ha
So, a late post today will give you a clue to my schedule... I am behind with all plans.... but, BUT
My shop is super tidy. Temptation trolleys have been filled with lovely and well reduced fabric bolts, yes it had to happen again!!!.

My newly delivered Sew Me Something Patterns are well displayed and... hopefully I will finish this next Kate Tunic Lick-etty-Split because I want to make a Beatrice Pinafore... amongst other things... I would just like to mention... I am using knit fabric for this Kate Tunic... Cotton is soooo much easier to work with, I am struggling!!!
Oh come on weather... dry my washing a bit quicker PLEASE!!!

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