Friday, 19 February 2021

Stitching News

Thank you for the photos Sue.

Sue made this Table Runner as a gift  to be used on Christmas day, 2020. Obviously that didn't happen, but on a positive note, there are no wine stains and no gravy blots, ha ha ha! Which, both sadly and happily means, we get to see it in it's full glory! Made with Sue's vast collection of Makower's Scandi fabrics and a modified pattern. It's fabulous and finished so, Toot toot toot. Let's not forget that there will be another Christmas this year so... really, Sue is ahead of that game!!

A baby gifting quit... isn't it lovely. 
This is a downloadable PDF pattern available by clicking ***here***
Sue was making the quilt for an  unknown colour of baby so this rainbow of Giraffes covered both eventualities. The picture is just the quilt top but I bet it's all finished now... and... It was a girl!!

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