Sunday, 7 March 2021

Anniversary Quilt

I'll just wait a few minutes... while you look at the pictures...  
You can be tooting at the same time!
It is an absolutely FABULOUS and finished quilt... 

Quilting detail on the front... note all the thread colour changes!! 
All the single lines that had all the ends to tie in, 2 per sewn line!
The patience Chris must have had!!!
The flange on the inner border and the Faux Piped Binding detail...
Toot toot toot toooooot!!

With every top thread colour change, there was a Bobbin colour change
And... Just look how spectacular the back is.
Chris quilted it on a domestic Sewing machine. 
A Juki f600, an amazing machine (though they are now upgraded to the Juki DX7)
Hours and hours of complex piecing and tricky quilting.
Chris has gifted this quilt to her lovely daughter and husband for their 2nd wedding anniversary, it's Cotton don't you know!!! what an amazing gift! There were tears!!!
Toot toot toot once again, a-m-a-z-ing!!


There's more to this...
So you can see, This has been a mammoth job of a quilt to make.
Christabelle purchased the pattern from my very own, rather lovely shop and got to work on it quite soon after. She purchased all the fabrics and threads from me too... she's my favourite customer (please don't tell the others, ha!)
But there were big problems during the sewing, Nothing was lining up, endless pining and easing, lots of effort and things were tried. I ended up realising that there was something wrong with the templates, there was no way this was going to work. 
I contacted my wholesaler, they contacted the lady who designed the pattern and produced it, Chris wrote to her as well explaining the issue. Eventually, The designer admitted pattern was incorrect!!! She blamed her printer company, templates had been printed inaccurately!!!  
That didn't help us. We had to mathemize all the templates!!!
I replaced some of the fabrics for Chris, she had already cut out all the pieces. My Wholesaler gave Chris a bundle of beautiful Art Gallery fabrics as a gesture, that was all they could do really. 
The designer of the pattern continued to communicate for a short while. Basically she said we would have been better off buying a PDF !!! I'm a Bricks and Mortar shop!  She did say she was going to post something to us by way of an apology for all the trouble, she never did though.

This is what I wrote on my blog on the 26th March 2019
This one!!! Wowzers....
This project has given Christabelle (not to mention my very good self!) plenty of grief...
but, as you can see, my goodness it's going to be rather spectacular when it's complete.

This is what I put on my blog on the 2nd May 2019
Oh my gosh... this design takes a lot of effort and a lot of time...
Christabelle works on it in shorter spells, concentrating is draining.
I think this is only one third of the final size... Chris will need cake!!!

I think anyone else would have given up. It was so tricky to piece. Chris dug her heels in and refused to give up. She's worked on it for two years and only because of lockdown has she finished it now.
It is such an amazing quilt NOW... I don't think she will be making it again any time soon!

If you click on THIS VERY SPOT, the link will take you to the pattern called Polka Dot Bikini... now, I'm presuming all the errors will have been ironed out?.

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