Friday, 19 March 2021

The Ugly Duckling Quilted

It's all quilted. I used my darning foot and quilted Free Motion around all the birds, hearts, houses and flowers, everything really. The beauty of a quilt made with no importance is that the quilting can be done 'Stress Free'. Any wobbly bits or artsy-fartsy bits can be left as they land... Quite liberating... You should try it.
I used a variegated green thread, Rainbows from Superior Thread, it stitched a treat. They changed the name now, to Fantastico. I didn't tie of my threads, nor did I thread them through, shocking, ha! I just secured them and trimmed off the excess...What a rebel!

I quilted little bugs and flight lines in all the spaces, that sounds good eh? Just loop-de-loops really. All trimmed up and waiting for the binding, which is now stitched on and I'm getting on with the hand stitching to the back.

Free motion straight-ish lines... 
stitching around the hearts Liberated-ly!

Long Free Motion Straight lines are good practice for sewing speed and stitch length so I did those first, you know, to get me in the 'groove' and it worked!

My watering can needed a bit of extra quilting because it had started to poof a bit too much and I didn't really want a poooofy watering can! The Birdhouses did the same so I added more to them too.
I'll be posting for a fabulous and finished fanfare, very soon!!

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