Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Gail's Gifting Quilt

I know what it looks like... Yes, I know we are in Lockdown.
Gail happened to be in town doing her weekly food shop and saw my car on my shop front, which doesn't happen often as I almost always walk there. I must have had a premonition eh!!!  Anyway, Gail called me to ask whether she was able to show me this fabulous quilt as it was soon to be on it's way to be gifted.

Outside and wearing our masks we did a rapid photo shoot. 
It looks like 'normal behaviour' from the good old days before early on last March!! 
Isn't this just adore-a-bubble. All of these fabrics were purchased from my very own shop, woop woop.

Gail says she's never done a pieced backing before but now that she's had a dabble, she will do it again. Minnie will love this quilt, no doubt about it. Toot toot toot Gail, a Fabulous and finished fanfare is well deserved. 
On a side note... did we ever see Gail's large purple quilt finished, hmmmm I'll just leave that one resting!! ha ha ha

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