Monday, 22 March 2021

Stitching News

Once again, thank you for taking the time to send me your pictures ladies, and Lynda.

Let's start with a toot toot toot fanfare for an absolutely fabulous and finished turtle pond quilt. Made by Our very own Farmer Lynda. It's finished (not sure about a label?) in very good time for a birthday gifting present for a special little lady. Lot's of google-y eyes (the turtles' eyes)!! Lynda has really enjoyed making this quilt, she completely loves applique-ing actually. It's a Jennifer Jangles Pattern

Our Pam won't tell me what she is up to. She purchased several of the bolt ends I posted pictures of last week with the addition of a metre of her most favourite fabric, Moda Grunge. Next thing I knew, there was a ping on my phone with a photo of a block.  It was a practice block, not this one. This block is number 2, made after Pam's first practice block... which was ever so slightly 'different'! I believe there are now 6 perfect blocks.

Our Beano is playing with Flying Geese. They are all being made with left over fabrics from her Top Secret project that I haven't shown you pictures of yet, because it is "Top Secret"!!

The Flying Geese 'are what they are'... regularly uttered words from Beano! 
The geese were never meant to be perfect, as in the mathemistic quilty world way... (my blog, my words!!!) so long as the Geese fly nicely together they are perfectly perfect!

The mathemisms... I can't wait to see these Geese, all different dimensions, and quite teeny-tiny, doing their very important job of holding the countryside together! Yes, that is A Clue!!!!

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